3 key players of Angel Investment in Peru

Emprende UP, The Board, and Red Ángel PAD have played a pivotal role in fueling the growth of the startup ecosystem in Peru.

3 key players of Angel Investment in Peru

Angel investment in Latin America has emerged as a crucial source of funding for startups and early-stage companies in the region.

Angel investors, typically high-net-worth individuals or groups, provide capital, mentorship, and strategic guidance to promising entrepreneurs in exchange for equity in their ventures.

This form of investment has gained significant traction in recent years, fueled by the growing startup ecosystem, increased access to technology, and a surge in entrepreneurial activity across LATAM. With its potential to drive innovation, foster economic growth, and create job opportunities, angel investment has become a vital catalyst for the development of the startup landscape in the region.

The main players in Angel Investment in Peru

In the realm of angel investment, Peru has witnessed the emergence of three prominent key players. These individuals or organizations have played a pivotal role in fueling the growth of the startup ecosystem in the country.

With their capital, expertise, and networks, they have become significant drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship:

Emprende UP

Is the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center of the University of the Pacific and has a network of Angel Investors and Family Offices that invest an average of USD $50,000.

The Board

Is a group of investors specialized in startups, particularly in minetech, foodtech, and agtech. On the other hand, their average investment ticket is USD $50,000, depending on the size of the funding round and the startup's valuation.

Red Ángel PAD

Is a network of Angel Investors associated with the University of Piura, with an average seed capital investment ticket ranging from USD $25,000 to USD $50,000.

By fostering a growing ecosystem for angel investment, these key players have contributed to the economic development of Peru and paved the way for the success of numerous startups in different industries.