Kamay Code: A Kamay Ventures Gathering to Link Startups and Corporate Leaders

Kamay Code: A Kamay Ventures Gathering to Link Startups and Corporate Leaders

The regional multicorporate investment fund, Kamay Ventures, is gearing up for the third edition of its flagship event: Kamay Code, scheduled for March 13th in Mexico City. This gathering, designed to facilitate connections between startups and corporations, promises to be a key space for the exchange of ideas and experiences in the entrepreneurial sphere.

An Event of Opportunities: Kamay Code 2024

The event, free of charge but with limited capacity, will feature international speakers, top-notch companies, and emerging talent. The agenda will include keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions focused on opportunities and the latest trends in business and technology. Beyond the talks, it will be a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to propel the growth of their startups.

Gabriela Ruggeri, Managing Partner at Kamay Ventures, highlights Mexico's significance in the regional entrepreneurial landscape: "Mexico is a must-stop on our regional journey. With 13 cities ideal for startups, we believe this experience will enrich the local ecosystem, allowing key players to come together and exchange insights."

Challenges and Opportunities

Proposals presented during the event will undergo voting by the audience and a specialized jury. Selected entrepreneurs will have the chance to participate in an exclusive workshop the following day to design Proof of Concepts (POCs) alongside corporations associated with Kamay Ventures.

This year's challenges span various areas:

  • The Retail of the Next Decade: Solutions aiming to redefine consumer interaction with products and empower local retailers with cutting-edge tools.
  • Industrial Revolution 5.0: Companies redefining production and supply chain management through cutting-edge technologies.
  • Expanding Fintech Frontiers 3.0: Startups empowering businesses with digital tools to enhance financial management and increase competitiveness.
  • Cultivating a Sustainable Future: Solutions utilizing technologies like AI and machine learning to improve the sustainability of the food and beverage chain.
  • FoodTech at the Top of the Pyramid: Companies using AI and machine learning to provide personalized nutritional solutions, or employing biotechnology and cellular agriculture for sustainable alternatives to animal proteins.

Impact and Regional Replication

Antonio Peña, another Managing Partner at Kamay Ventures, emphasizes Kamay Code's essence as a bridge between entrepreneurs and corporations, focused on mutual learning. He also announced that the experience will be replicated this year in Bogotá, Colombia.

In previous editions in Buenos Aires and São Paulo, Kamay Code attracted over 1,500 attendees, with 200 startups, 70 speakers, and the creation of 24 POCs. The presence of key players in the innovation ecosystem, along with startups from Kamay Ventures' portfolio, ensures a dynamic and enriching event.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of Kamay Code 2024, where innovation and opportunities converge in every interaction.