Accelerating Business Innovation: Join ESI's Exclusive Tech-Driven Event in Guatemala for 2023

Accelerating Business Innovation: Join ESI's Exclusive Tech-Driven Event in Guatemala for 2023

Unleash Your Potential at ESI's Premier Event: Tech Driven Innovation ESI 2023 in Guatemala. Don't miss out on the opportunity to unleash your potential at the  event, Tech Driven Innovation ESI 2023. Engage with industry leaders, learn about the latest technological trends, and gain valuable insights into driving business innovation.

In the exciting world of business today, technology has become a determining factor in driving innovation and fostering growth. Businesses that incorporate technology into their innovation strategies experience a staggering 65% growth in their respective industries. If you're an innovative professional eager to make real changes in your environment, we invite you to join us at an exclusive event designed to provide you with the best practices in the use of advanced technologies and stimulate business innovation.

This exclusive event offers a unique opportunity to interact with renowned leaders and top experts who will share their knowledge and experiences. Here, you will have the chance to explore new ways of doing business and enhance your skills both personally and professionally. Key topics such as mindset, innovation, transformation, data, cybersecurity, and digital marketing will be addressed all in one place.

General information about Tech Driven Innovation:

Date: June 22, 2023

Time: 15:00 HRS

Location: HQ Fontabella, Guatemala City

The guest speakers at this event are true experts in their respective fields. ESI will have the privilege of hosting:

Jose Kont – talk: Digital Context in Guatemala - Myths & Realities (Managing Partner at Cuantico VC and Director of the Central America Angel Fund Initiative - CAFI -)

Claudia Cifuentes – talk: Mindset in the AI era (Executive Director at ESI LATAM. Innovation and Technology Strategist.)

Pablo Barrera – talk: Best Practices in Cybersecurity (Director and Cybersecurity Consultant at ES Consulting.)

Juan Gabriel Aguirre – talk: Fintech, Financial Innovation (Director of Products and Customer Experience at Nexa Banco.)

Angel Ovando – talk: Tech Driven Business (Specialist in Digital Strategy and Corporate Identity)

What is ESI School of Management?

ESI School of Management is a prominent business institution specializing in business management. Its main objective is to merge executive education with the development of committed leaders, equipping them with a solid competitive foundation and fostering transformations in the business environment.

Furthermore, ESI School of Management is recognized for its ability to establish strategic alliances with prestigious educational institutions and successful programs that integrate professional skills with an authentic humanistic perspective.

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Attendees are invited to join Tech Driven Innovation ESI 2023 in Guatemala and become an integral part of the business innovation happening at the event!