AlertAI: The New Technology for Detecting Workplace Fatigue

AlertAI: The New Technology for Detecting Workplace Fatigue

Workplace fatigue is a significant issue that affects both safety and productivity. To address this challenge, ÜMA Salud, a leader in technological solutions for health and wellness, has developed AlertAI in collaboration with Google. This is an advanced software that uses artificial intelligence to detect employee fatigue through the analysis of selfies and other multimedia data, assessing workers' ability to perform their tasks safely and efficiently. This solution promises to greatly enhance safety and efficiency across various industries.

How AlertAI Works

Studies show that 13% of workplace accidents are related to fatigue, and 29% of workers experience reduced performance due to tiredness. Companies that effectively manage fatigue can see productivity increases of over 16%. AlertAI aims to reduce workplace accidents by up to 30%, resulting in significant savings for companies in manufacturing, construction, transportation, logistics, and the healthcare sector.

AlertAI analyzes selfies and touchscreen reaction tests to detect signs of fatigue using the Karolinska Sleepiness Scale. Companies can set personalized criteria to determine if an employee is fit to work. This technology helps identify and prevent accidents caused by fatigue, enhancing workplace safety and productivity.

Benefits of AlertAI

AlertAI offers multiple advantages, including:

  • Reduction of Accidents: Identifies and prevents accidents caused by fatigue.
  • Improved Productivity: Rested employees are more productive and efficient.
  • Cost Reduction: Reduces medical expenses, workers' compensation, and lost productivity costs.
  • Enhanced Employee Well-being: Promotes a healthier and safer work environment.
Francisco Firpo - Commercial Director of ÜMA Salud

Application Across Various Industries

AlertAI is applicable in multiple sectors:

  • Manufacturing: Improves concentration and reduces the risk of accidents with heavy machinery.
  • Construction: Minimizes accidents and injuries in physically demanding tasks.
  • Transportation and Logistics: Enhances the safety of drivers and machinery operators.
  • Healthcare: Reduces staff exhaustion, improving the quality of patient care.
  • Service Industry: Increases productivity and service quality for employees working rotating shifts.

Partnership with Google

AlertAI is easy to implement, requiring only an internet-connected device for testing. It also offers a monitoring portal for companies to manage employee well-being proactively. Currently, is being implemented in pilot programs across Mexico and Latin America, showing promising results in reducing workplace accidents.

ÜMA Salud collaborates with Google to integrate advanced technologies into their solutions. This strategic partnership allows this innovative solution to leverage Google's robust infrastructure and position itself as a leader in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector in Latin America.

AlertAI represents a significant advancement in managing workplace fatigue, providing a practical and efficient solution to improve safety and productivity. ÜMA Salud, in collaboration with Google, continues to lead innovation in the health sector, benefiting millions with emerging technologies and AI-based solutions.

For more information about AlertAI, visit the ÜMA Salud website and watch a video about the tool here.