Artificial Intelligence Expert Diego Halfter Joins the Brain Foods Team

Artificial Intelligence Expert Diego Halfter Joins the Brain Foods Team

The consulting firm Brain Food, based in Santiago, Chile, stands out as a leader in Digital Transformation, Advanced Analytics, Data Engineering, BI, Automation, and Software Factory services. With a strong presence in more than 16 countries, the company advocates for a collaborative model and shared perspectives between consultants and clients.

Focus on Tangible Results

What sets Brain Food apart is its focus on tangible results and impactful solutions. They don't settle for diagnoses and analyses; instead, they drive transformational growth through the strategic use of technology and data.

The success of Brain Food is largely due to its professional and multidisciplinary team, consisting of PHDs, MBAs, and engineers from the best universities in Latin America and the world. Their flexibility in adapting to various technological platforms demonstrates their commitment to the reality and resources of their clients.

Strategic Announcement: Diego Halffter Joins as Partner in Mexico

With eight years of experience, Brain Food announces a significant milestone by bringing Diego Halffter on board as a Partner, solidifying its presence in Mexico. Halffter, recognized as one of the leaders in Artificial Intelligence in Mexico by Forbes, brings invaluable insights to the field of AI, complementing Brain Food's expertise in advanced digital strategies and innovative data projects.

The consulting firm, already actively working in Mexico for the past two years, reinforces its commitment to this market with distinguished clients such as FEMSA, TEC de Monterrey, and VISA. Halffter's arrival strengthens Brain Food's ability to provide high-level solutions in the region.

David Albagli, Founder and CEO of Brain Food, expressed enthusiasm for Halffter's addition, reaffirming the company's mission to drive innovation and growth through AI and data. Halffter, in turn, expressed his honor in joining Brain Food and contributing to its ongoing success in Mexico and Latin America.

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Invitation to Digital Transformation

Halffter's addition as a Partner represents a significant step in Brain Food's commitment to delivering high-quality consulting services in AI, Data, and Digital Strategy. The company invites organizations interested in propelling their digital transformation to get in touch for more information on their services and to benefit from the experience and knowledge of Brain Food.

The philosophy of Brain Food is summed up in the statement: "We don't settle for diagnoses or analyses. What moves us are tangible and impactful results." With a strategic focus on technology and data, the consultancy promotes collaboration and the exchange of perspectives between consultants and clients.