Bridging Continents: Latin Leap and Bridge2 Connect Latin Startups to India

Bridging Continents: Latin Leap and Bridge2 Connect Latin Startups to India

On the horizon of 2025, it is expected that India's technological market will reach an astonishing value of US$1 trillion. This projection has piqued the interest of Latin Leap, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage investments in Latin American startups, and Bridge2, an India-based accelerator supporting startups through mentoring, funding, and market access.

The Birth of the TechConnect Corridor

Both entities have joined forces to launch the Latam to India TechConnect Market Access Corridor. This project aims to provide a launching platform for Latin American, especially Colombian, startups to capitalize on the vast opportunities offered by the third-largest economy in Asia.

The collaboration between Latin Leap and Bridge2 merges expertise in risk investment and startup support, respectively. According to Stefan Krautwald, managing partner of Latin Leap, this initiative reflects a strong commitment to the development of the Latin American technological ecosystem and seeks to provide advanced-stage companies with the necessary resources to succeed globally.

India is immersed in a technological revolution, anticipating that its digital economy will reach the remarkable milestone of US$1 trillion by 2025. With over 25,000 tech startups and more than 78 unicorns, India stands as the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world. This vibrant landscape has not gone unnoticed by Latin American companies, seeking to capitalize on the similarities between the massive populations of both regions and their innovation hubs.

Technological Bridge between Two Worlds

Managing partner Krautwald highlights the similarities between emerging Latin American cities, such as Mexico City, Bogotá, and São Paulo, and Indian metropolises, including Bangalore and Delhi. Both places have become hotbeds of digital activity and are witnessing rapid growth in the startup scene.

For Latin American companies participating in the program, the TechConnect Corridor offers a range of opportunities. From strategic mentoring to presentation sessions, networking events, and guidance on fundraising and business development in India, participants gain access to corporates in key sectors such as finance, agriculture, and health. These sectors represent fertile ground for innovative solutions tailored to emerging markets.

Nemesisa Ujjain, co-founder of Bridge2, shares her enthusiasm and states, "We look forward to working closely with Latin Leap to help Latin American tech companies scale and grow in the Indian market." With Ujjain's experience in facilitating collaborations between startups and Fortune 500 companies, Bridge2 is positioned as a key player in catalyzing the success of this unique initiative.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the TechConnect Corridor promotes cooperation between two regions experiencing rapid economic growth and technological changes. For Latin American companies ready to venture into new markets, India represents a land of opportunities. This pioneering collaboration could provide the bridge needed to realize the boldest ambitions of these Latin American startups.