Central America AI Challenge: A Challenge Created by CAFI and Google For Startups

Central America AI Challenge: A Challenge Created by CAFI and Google For Startups

In an innovative partnership dedicated to sparking innovation in the field of artificial intelligence, the Central America Angel Fund Initiative (CAFI) and Google for Startups are excited to unveil the "Central America A.I. Challenge."

This pioneering endeavor is positioned to celebrate and support startups that are making significant progress in Latin America, providing them with a distinctive platform to showcase and enhance their technological solutions.

The Challenge Calls

Carefully selected startups will have the prestigious opportunity to present their innovative solutions to a distinguished panel of over 50 technology leaders on the crucial date of May 28, 2024. This event serves as a crucial moment for these startups to stand out and gain invaluable exposure among industry leaders and influential investors.

To embark on this transformative journey, startups must commence by completing an application form —a streamlined process requiring less than five minutes of their time. Subsequently, eligible companies will advance to the Pitch Day, where they can articulate their visions and projects before a captive audience of experts and discerning investors from the region.

The crowned victor of this esteemed challenge will bask in an array of rewards, including access to up to USD 250,000 in Google Cloud infrastructure credits, extensive media coverage in premier outlets across the region, and bespoke consultancy from Google's cadre of AI experts, aimed at optimizing the integration of these transformative technologies.

A Festivity of Entrepreneurial Spirit

Beyond the realm of mere competition, this event serves as a jubilant celebration of entrepreneurial prowess—a poignant tribute to those who dare to chart uncharted territories and effectuate tangible change within our society through innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Nicole Schaub, CAFI Coordinator, expresses fervent enthusiasm regarding the provision of this platform, asserting its potential to not only catalyze the growth of startups but also inspire others within the region to harness technology's transformative potential.

The Central America A.I. Challenge endeavors to spotlight the startup that, through the medium of AI, is crafting a disruptive and paradigm-shifting solution within the region.

Pathway to Participation

  1. Initiate the journey by completing the provided application form—it's a brief process, requiring less than five minutes of your time.
  2. Each startup will undergo thorough review, and those that meet the rigorous qualification criteria will move forward to compete in the upcoming Pitch Day scheduled for Tuesday, May 28, 2024.
  3. The eventual winner will receive a variety of prizes, including USD 250K in Google Cloud infrastructure credits, Tier 1 media exposure throughout the region, and personalized consultancy from Google's AI experts to strengthen the integration of these transformative technologies into their startup.

The Central America A.I. Challenge stands as a symbol of opportunity, ready to ignite innovation and collaboration among startups within the region, as they collectively strive to overcome the numerous challenges facing Latin America in the 21st century.