Central America's Influencers 2024: A Joint Report by ILBMetrics & HyperAuditor

Central America's Influencers 2024: A Joint Report by ILBMetrics & HyperAuditor

In a world where marketing and digital communication have gained unprecedented relevance, influencers have positioned themselves as fundamental elements in brand strategies. Central America, a vibrant and dynamic region, is no exception to this reality. That is why ILB Metrics, a leading data science consultancy specializing in advising brands on informed decision-making in their marketing strategies, has partnered with the renowned platform HypeAuditor to develop the study "Influencers in Central America 2024."

Presentation of the Influencers in Central America 2024 study

The presentation of this study was a notable event moderated by Ileana Figueroa, CEO of ILB Metrics. During the event, valuable data was presented regarding the landscape of influencer marketing in the region, highlighting platforms with the highest growth and how these dynamics can influence consumer purchasing decisions.

The panel of speakers consisted of experts with extensive experience in the digital field. Danna Moreno, Digital Analyst at ILB Metrics, shared the key findings of the study, addressing influencer rankings and the categories in which they excel. Maria Marques, Marketing Head for Latam at HyperAuditor, provided an overview of the regional landscape, highlighting emerging trends and effective strategies for integrating influencers into brand strategies. Additionally, Marisel Lopez, Head of the Commercial Department at HyperAuditor, demonstrated practically how the platform can be used to identify and collaborate with influencers, emphasizing the importance of technological tools in this process.

A strategic alliance: ILBMetrics and HyperAuditor

The collaboration between ILB Metrics and HyperAuditor is a prominent example of how data science and technology can come together to transform influencer marketing. This alliance facilitated the creation of a robust study, based on precise data analysis and advanced influencer auditing techniques. Thus, the importance of leveraging new technologies to generate more accurate analysis and help companies enhance their results in the complex digital ecosystem is emphasized.

Influencers and their role in current marketing

The "Influencers in Central America 2024" study highlights the transformative role of influencers in digital marketing. Their ability to generate authentic content and establish genuine connections with audiences makes them indispensable for brands. A well-executed strategy can increase brand visibility, improve consumer perception, and ultimately drive purchasing decisions.

Events and studies like those organized by ILB Metrics and HyperAuditor offer brands a clear guide to effectively integrating these strategies into their marketing and communication plans.

The world of influencers: a deeper look

To better understand the phenomenon of influencers in Central America, it is crucial to analyze who they are and what impact they have on different industries. From 2021 to the present, Instagram and TikTok have been the main platforms used by influencers in the region.

Influencers are divided into various categories, from micro-influencers to those with hundreds of thousands of followers. Each has a unique role in the digital ecosystem, with different levels of reach and credibility.

Regarding the most used digital platforms, Instagram leads the way, followed closely by TikTok and YouTube. These platforms offer influencers the opportunity to effectively reach their audiences and generate relevant content.

Some Influencers Highlighted by Sector in Central America

Travel Sector in Guatemala

  • davistravel_ - @davistravel_
  • Morsa Viajera - @morsaviajera

Food Sector in Honduras

  • Teto Rivera - @tetorivera3
  • Diego - @diegomendezhn

Beauty Sector in Nicaragua

  • Cindy Bustamante - @cindybustamanteof
  • Allison Wassmer - @allison_wassmer

Life Style Sector in El Salvador

  • Adriana Daabub - @adhasbun
  • Gabriella Izaguirre - @gaby_izaguirre

Life Style Sector in Panama

  • Vanessa Carrillo - @vanessatve
  • Doralis Mela - @doralismela

Beauty Sector in Costa Rica

  • Karina Campos - @kariinacampos
  • Millions | Manifesting | Magic - @reganhillyer

Influencer Marketing: Insights from Central America 2024 Study

According to Ileana Figueroa, CEO of ILB Metrics, incorporating an influencer marketing strategy is crucial in today's digital age. These strategies allow brands to build authentic connections with their audience, making a difference in a market saturated with digital content. Influencers thus become key pieces to stand out amidst digital noise and establish a genuine connection with the target audience.

The "Influencers in Central America 2024" study offers a comprehensive view of the role of influencers in the region and how brands can leverage this trend in their marketing and communication strategies. To read the full study, please click here.