Circular Pet: the startup with a new approach to pet nutrition.

Circular Pet: the startup with a new approach to pet nutrition.

In the heart of the Chilean pet food industry, a bold initiative emerges, self-proclaimed as "the Tesla of pet nutrition": Circular Pet. Born in response to the crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, this startup arose with a clear vision focused on sustainability and the circular economy.

From Innovation to Sustainable Nutrition

León Quesney and Nicolás Calvo, along with Cristian Peirano, embarked on the quest for alternatives to conventional dog food. Motivated by the lack of progress in the national industry, mostly dominated by imported brands with stock issues and high prices, the solution came with the "black soldier fly," a protein authorized by the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) of Chile, highly nutritious and validated in the salmon industry.

The startup collaborated with academics from the University of Chile, veterinarians, and biochemists to develop a complete product line based on this sustainable insect protein. From pellets to snacks and dental care products, Circular Pet offers a premium alternative to conventional products.

What sets Circular Pet apart from its competitors is the focus on environmental impact and nutritional quality. They use fly larvae, which are not only highly nutritious but also beneficial to the environment. The production of these larvae can convert large amounts of organic waste into protein, preventing landfill pollution.

Scientific Validation

Environmental consultancy Cyclos Consulting supported the sustainability of Circular Pet products with a Life Cycle Analysis. The results indicated that the production of this insect protein is significantly more sustainable compared to traditional beef or chicken proteins, using less land, water, and emitting fewer greenhouse gases.

Circular Pet stands out as a benchmark in the industry by offering products with a guaranteed 27% protein content, compared to the average 19% in conventional foods. The company labels itself as "the Tesla of pet nutrition," emphasizing its commitment to science and quality.

Joining the "Petvolution"

Although initially focused on dogs, Circular Pet is expanding its line to include products aimed at cats, based on the popular Churu snacks. With plans to expand into Mexico, the startup continues to grow and establish itself as a leader in the pet nutrition revolution.

Circular Pet's proposal goes beyond being just a nutritional option. It invites pet owners to join the "Petvolution," offering premium, natural, and hypoallergenic nutrition. Backed by science and innovation, Circular Pet redefines the standard for pet food, exploring a future where insects are the key to a healthy and sustainable diet for our loyal companions