CMI Ventures: The CVC Betting on FoodTech and Green Energy

Discover CMI Ventures, CMI’s new Corporate Venture Capital unit focused on revolutionizing green energy and FoodTech.

CMI Ventures: The CVC Betting on FoodTech and Green Energy

CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, a global multilatina corporation, has taken a significant step towards innovation and sustainability with the launch of CMI Ventures, its new Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) unit.

Under the leadership of Francesco Marzano, CMI Ventures focuses on advancing renewable energy generation, food technology, advanced logistics, and the digitalization of operations, marking a major milestone in CMI's corporate evolution and sustainable commitment.

Investment Focus and Key Sectors 

CMI Ventures is dedicated to collaborating with teams that develop disruptive technologies capable of propelling their core industries into the future. Thus, the initiative is designed to invest in and support projects from the early stages, offering support throughout their development.

With a particular interest in green energy, the division explores new sources of renewable energy, including production, storage, and distribution, as well as revolutionizing the production of alternative foods and next-generation automated logistics.

Collaboration Strategies and Benefits 

CMI Ventures seeks not only financial returns but also aims to effect constructive change in the communities and sectors where it operates. The firm leverages CMI's corporate capabilities, providing disruptive thinkers and new technologies with direct access to industry experts, an expansive commercial footprint, and integration into CMI's existing industrial capacity.

CMI Ventures represents a significant extension of CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones' strategic vision toward a deeper commitment to innovation and sustainability. The corporation, under the leadership of the third family generation headed by Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez as chairman of CMI Capital and Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga as chairman of CMI Foods, has seen substantial growth over the past decades.

Through this new Corporate Venture Capital unit, CMI emphasizes its role in the technological and sustainable transformation of key industries and sets a precedent for future investments that combine economic viability with environmental and social responsibility.