Converge 2023 by Globant: Exploring the Business Future with AI

Converge 2023 by Globant: Exploring the Business Future with AI

On November 30th at 11 AM EST, Globant presents a unique technology event where individuals will learn to reinvent their businesses with artificial intelligence. From tackling challenges to identifying opportunities, participants will immerse themselves in the AI revolution to unleash their creativity.

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People will gain valuable insights into AI at Converge, the event designed for innovative leaders seeking to understand the possibilities of artificial intelligence. Over the years, Globant has featured visionary leaders such as Bob Iger, Steve Wozniak, Prof. Yuval Harari, and many more.

Globant Converge: Virtual Event 2023

This will be a virtual event that explores how AI is transforming industries, driving innovation, and fostering growth. It's not just a typical conference, but a platform to connect with leaders driving the digital revolution. You can click here to register for the event. 

Globant's Perspective on AI

In a blog post on March 31, 2023, titled "Stay Relevant," Martín Migoya, CEO and Co-founder of Globant, outlined the organization's stance on generative AI. The organization focuses on making artificial intelligence have a positive impact on businesses and the world, following a set of guidelines outlined in the AI manifesto since 2019.

In Globant X, Globant's products and platforms division, attention to artificial intelligence is stronger than ever, with products like Augoor, MagnifAI, and GeneXus advancing to bring AI capabilities to users.

Globant: Transforming Organizations with Technology

Globant uses the latest technologies in the digital and cognitive field to transform organizations in every aspect. Since its inception in 2003, Globant has shared a common dream of becoming the best company offering profound transformations for organizations and global career opportunities for IT professionals worldwide.