Deemby: Technology in Support of Participatory Democracy

Deemby: Technology in Support of Participatory Democracy

At a critical juncture for democracy in Mexico, Deemby emerges as an innovative digital ecosystem aimed at providing crucial information about the over 3,000 candidates competing in the elections this 2nd of June. This platform, designed to empower citizens, not only offers electoral data but also seeks to incentivize active participation through a rewards system based on its own digital currency, the "deemby."

A Citizen Initiative for Democratic Empowerment

Developed by a team of Mexican entrepreneurs led by Francisco Méndez, Sergio Bárcena, and Lagtzú López Miro, Deemby represents a step forward towards participatory and transparent democracy. Its approach resembles that of a beehive, where each individual plays an important role in decision-making and is rewarded for civic engagement.

Upon entering Deemby, each user creates a unique avatar that allows them to explore different virtual spaces and engage in various activities. These interactions can generate "deembys," the platform's digital currency, such as expressing political preferences or interacting with candidates and officials.

Key Integrations for Citizen Participation

Deemby is not limited to being an informative platform but also offers an interactive virtual environment where users can directly influence their real-world surroundings. Through their avatar, citizens can express their political opinions, interact with leaders, and obtain relevant information to make informed decisions.

In the context of the 2024 elections, Deemby introduces several key integrations, such as InfoCandidates, InfoGovernment, and Parliamentary Bureau, which provide detailed information about candidates, public officials, and legislators. These tools aim to strengthen citizen participation and ensure transparency in the democratic process.

A Future of Expansion and Collaboration

Deemby does not stop at Mexico, but has plans for expansion to other countries in Latin America and the United States. Additionally, the launch of new web3.0 products is expected by 2025, reflecting its commitment to continuous growth and innovation in the realm of participatory democracy.

This innovation solution represents a unique opportunity for Mexican citizens to actively participate in the democratic process while being rewarded for their civic engagement. With its innovative approach and vision of empowering society, Deemby is charting a new course towards a more inclusive and transparent democracy.