DeRentas: a new horizon for CarSharing

DeRentas: a new horizon for CarSharing

DeRentas, a startup founded in 2020 by Ignacio Mazzieri and Juan De La Cruz, has a clear mission to completely transform the carsharing sector in Argentina. In an environment where cars have evolved from mere assets to becoming an essential service due to constant cost increases and the ongoing progress of mobility applications, DeRentas emerges.

Origins and Growth

The creators of DeRentas, former school friends, used the insurance payout for a stolen car and some savings to acquire two vehicles for rental. The business model, where customers pay rents proportional to the kilometers traveled per week, quickly gained popularity among ride-sharing drivers, including those on platforms like Uber.

Headquartered in Vicente López, Buenos Aires, DeRentas was established in 2020 and has experienced significant growth in a short period. Currently, operates a fleet of 200 vehicles with around two thousand users in Buenos Aires. The founders recently announced plans to increase their fleet to 1,500 units for the next year, showcasing substantial growth since their modest beginnings in 2021.

How DeRentas Operates

Unlike other competitors, DeRentas not only operates with its own units but also collaborates with car manufacturers and small rental businesses. This collaboration allows them to lease units to last-mile drivers, creating a broader and more diversified network. Additionally, the platform offers a fleet management service, allowing any user, whether an individual or a company, to participate in the business and earn attractive returns.

Every individual business user has access to a comprehensive vehicle management platform, providing real-time reports such as driving scores, geolocation, inspections, alerts, and income. This data-driven approach enhances operational efficiency and gives users detailed control over their assets.

Projections and Goals

DeRentas has an ambitious goal of achieving a fleet of five thousand cars by 2025. The company also plans to expand its product offerings, including leasing, car insurance, fuel services, and advertising on its units to diversify its revenue streams.

Juan De La Cruz, CEO of DeRentas, emphasizes the evolution of the automotive market, stating that "car manufacturers are realizing that vehicles will become more than just an asset; they are also a service."

In Latin America, it is estimated that over four million mobility app workers lack access to their own vehicles. In the current operating region of DeRentas, the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA), over 200 thousand registered drivers operate daily, and the demand for vehicles to work with applications continues to rise.


Technology and Data Management Focus

The startup aims to meet this demand by offering drivers the opportunity to immediately access suitable units for work. Additionally, DeRentas provides guidance and the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the rental contract, offering a comprehensive solution to the mobility needs of drivers.

The founders of DeRentas consider themselves pioneers in the use of Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies, enabling driver monitoring and reducing risks for vehicle owners. The company will continue to actively invest in its technological core, with a particular focus on data management and process automation.

DeRentas has proven to be a disruptive force in the Argentine carsharing market. Their innovative approach, collaboration with various industry stakeholders, and commitment to technology position the company as a leader in transforming the concept of car ownership into a dynamic and accessible service for all.