Discover USPlat: A Platform for Organizing Sports Events

Discover USPlat: A Platform for Organizing Sports Events

With a revolutionary approach, the Chilean platform Usplat, also known as Universal Sports Platform, has successfully established itself as a key tool in the sports domain. Founded in 2012 by athletics coach Jaime Wood, in collaboration with Tomás Prado and José Luis Rencoret, this web platform has evolved with the aim of simplifying athlete management in schools and sports institutions.

Inspiring Origins at the 2012 London Olympics

During the 2012 London Olympics, Professor Jaime Wood was struck by the widespread use of smartphones, foreseeing a trend that would soon reach Chile. With this foresight, he returned to the country and, working alongside Prado and Rencoret, created the first version of Usplat. Since then, the platform has experienced impressive growth.

Currently, Usplat boasts over 35,000 registered users, spread across 400 clubs and 1,400 schools. Professor Wood emphasizes that the platform has significantly reduced work times for coaches, enabling them to register athletes for tournaments in just 10 minutes using their mobile devices. This radical change has revolutionized the sports system, providing comfort and efficiency to training professionals.

Exploring New Horizons and International Challenges

While Usplat is not yet generating monetary income, it has expanded its operations to Peru and Ecuador. The future vision is to become attractive to sports-related brands and companies, as well as offering databases to international universities. The platform aspires to be more than an organizational tool, aiming to establish itself as a sports social network, akin to a "sports LinkedIn."

Recently, Usplat solidified an alliance with Gallagher Chile, specialists in insurance and reinsurance. This collaboration will not only strengthen its presence nationally but also open doors for international expansion and diversification into other sports. Pilar Soffia, the marketing sub-manager at Gallagher Chile, highlights the company's commitment to Usplat's growth and continuous improvement of services for athletes.

This company aims not only to simplify sports management, but also to foster interaction among users. With the goal of becoming a sports social network, the platform intends to allow athletes to showcase their achievements, interact with other sports enthusiasts, and attract the attention of foreign universities and institutions in search of South American talent.

Transforming Sports Event Organization

In addition to streamlining athlete management, Usplat has set out to facilitate the organization of sports events. The platform centralizes information on tournaments and athletes from various sports, offering comprehensive solutions for event management. Early talent detection and the creation of a sports community are key elements that the platform seeks to promote.

Usplat emerges as an innovative gem in the Chilean sports landscape, transforming how sports events are managed and enjoyed. With its efficient approach and vision of becoming a sports social network, the platform promises to continue making an impact in the local and international sports scene.