Exploring Costa Rica's 10 Most Promising Startups for 2023

Exploring Costa Rica's 10 Most Promising Startups for 2023

Startups are taking the world by storm, and Costa Rica is no exception. In 2023, some of the most promising companies are led by Costa Rican entrepreneurs who are making a difference in various sectors.

Here we present the 10 most outstanding startups for this year.

Huli - Transforming Health with Technology

Huli is a healthcare technology company that provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) products and applications for healthcare professionals, hospital networks, insurance companies and other industry professionals. Its focus on agile and secure connectivity has facilitated more than 700,000 connections annually across Latin America. Since its launch in Mexico in 2019, Huli has consolidated its presence in Central America and the Caribbean in 2020, enhancing the healthcare experience for thousands of people.

Greenenergy Costa Rica - Solar Energy for All

Greenenergy Costa Rica is dedicated to empowering people through solar energy. They have installed more than 12 MWp of distributed generation capacity since 2009, making them one of the leading solar power companies in the region. In addition to offering technological and financial solutions, its focus on sustainability has caught the attention of those seeking clean and efficient energy alternatives.

Obsidiam - Simplified Finance and Cryptocurrencies

Obsidiam has created an ecosystem based on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to facilitate the finances of its users. From sending remittances to trading cryptocurrencies, Obsidiam offers innovative solutions. Headquartered in San José, Costa Rica, this startup has become a benchmark in the world of cryptocurrencies.

IMPESA - Innovation in Fintech Software Development

IMPESA is an innovative fintech company that has processed more than $2.7 billion in transactions across its platforms. They offer B2B2C and B2C solutions designed to exceed customer expectations and alleviate the pain points in the financial world. IMPESA has strong alliances with industry leaders such as Visa and PayPal, which has allowed them to successfully expand into Latin America.

Zunify - The Payment Network of the Future

Zunify is the first global native digital payments network that provides technological and regulatory tools for banks, fintechs and business partners to design, issue and accept payment products for consumers. Their focus on cost-efficiency and digital transformation of financial institutions makes them stand out in the marketplace.

Snap Compliance - Simplifying Regulatory Compliance

Snap Compliance provides a centralized, collaborative platform that helps organizations manage their compliance, money laundering and operational risk programs efficiently. Their focus on automation and collaboration has been critical for companies looking to simplify processes and reduce costs.

Tobipets.com - Your Online Pet Shop

Tobipets.com has become Costa Rica's largest online store for pet lovers. They offer a wide range of products and services to pamper your furry friends. With fast deliveries and a wide selection of products, this startup has simplified the lives of pet lovers.

Listo - Your Destiny for All Your Needs

Listo is a retailer that offers a variety of services, from diverse products to reliable parcel services. With an extensive product catalogue and a team of professionals dedicated to managing your shipments, Listo has become a reliable choice to meet the daily needs of your customers.

Mensis has transformed the job search by connecting professionals with mentors who guide them on their way to the work of their dreams. They offer services such as interview simulations, resume reviews and LinkedIn profile updates. Their focus on career development has been instrumental in helping people achieve their career goals.

Ainnova Tech - Early Disease Detection with AI

Ainnova Tech, headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica and Houston, Texas, is dedicated to the early detection of diseases using artificial intelligence. They have developed Vision AI, a platform that detects diabetic retinopathy and other retinal diseases with high precision in seconds. Their focus on health and technology promises to change the way diseases are detected in the future.

These 10 startups led by Costa Rican entrepreneurs are paving the way for a more innovative and promising future. Their focus on technology, sustainability and customer satisfaction makes them stand out in their respective fields, and they will surely continue to make their mark on the business world in 2023 and beyond.