FirmaVirtual: Streamlining Legal Procedures While Reducing Environmental Impact

FirmaVirtual: Streamlining Legal Procedures While Reducing Environmental Impact

In the middle of the advancing digitalization of society, the act of signing documents and completing notarial procedures has evolved into a laborious task, draining both time and resources. Responding to this challenge, a company emerged in 2020, reshaping this reality in Chile, Mexico, and Peru. Supported by esteemed institutions like Corfo, Startup Chile, and Startup Peru, "FirmaVirtual" has simplified the lives of over 600,000 individuals, both natural persons and legal entities markedly simplifying their daily operations.

FirmaVirtual's Impact on Society and the Environment

According to data provided by the company, in Chile alone, people lose over 300 million hours due to notarial procedures. However, the average wait time of 75 minutes per procedure has been significantly reduced thanks to this secure and simple platform. FirmaVirtual's founder, Christian Rodiek, emphasizes that this initiative not only improves citizens' quality of life but also contributes to labor productivity and environmental conservation by reducing paper usage.

Rodiek highlights the importance of collaboration with notaries to ensure the legality of documents. The platform enables quick and efficient certification and protocolization of documents, especially benefiting those with mobility issues and incarcerated individuals.

A Comprehensive Vision: Quality of Life and the Environment

Rodiek asserts that the company was founded with a focus on quality of life and environmental concerns. In this regard, they aim to minimize paper printing, thereby contributing to the conservation of natural resources. Additionally, the company offers favorable labor conditions to foster talent satisfaction and retention.

State support from institutions such as Corfo and Startup Chile has been crucial in expanding the company's presence beyond Chilean borders. The numbers underscore FirmaVirtual's success, with over 140,000 documents signed, 140 agreements with companies, and significant environmental impact, including the saving of 5,000,000 liters of water and the preservation of 100 trees.

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How Does FirmaVirtual Work?

The platform offers a range of services, from notarial authorization of signatures to online rentals and digital contracts. With a multidisciplinary team focused on generating innovation to simplify people's lives, FirmaVirtual has delivered tailored solutions, rapid responses, and customer support, all while reducing contagion risks and paper consumption.

This great startups has proven to be more than just a technology company: it is an example of how innovation can enhance people's lives and contribute to environmental conservation. With its focus on quality of life, legitimacy, and sustainability, it continues to set the standard in the digital transformation of notarial procedures, thereby establishing a new benchmark for the industry.