Forbes' Top 10 Colombian Startups

Forbes' Top 10 Colombian Startups

Until about 18 months ago, startups were experiencing rapid growth in resources and hires. However, the list of the top 100 startups of 2023 and the 10 "exceptional" ones arrives at a time of contraction and changes for tech companies. This initiative, carried out by Forbes in collaboration with investment funds and accelerators, has been a tradition for four years, originating in Colombia and later replicated in Mexico, Peru, and Chile.

The Selection Process

The selection process, led by Rockstart in collaboration with entities such as the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and Endeavor, highlights the brightest and highest-rated emerging companies. This year, adapting to new rules in the entrepreneurial and venture capital ecosystem has been crucial, with an emphasis on profitability from day one.

Venture capital investments in Latin America decreased by 19.4% in the first half of the year, reaching $5.4 billion, compared to $6.7 billion the previous year. Despite short-term challenges, leaders like Carlos Gutiérrez, co-founder and partner of Simma Capital, express optimism in the long term, highlighting the resilience and creativity of Colombian entrepreneurs.

Outlook for Colombia

Colombia, with a young population and growing confidence in technology, faces challenges and opportunities. Despite economic uncertainty and limited access to capital, a promising future driven by Generative Artificial Intelligence is expected, according to Carlos Gutiérrez.

The 10 Exceptional Companies

Sector: E-commerce / Fintech

De entregarte cualquier cosa a ofrecer juegos o música en streaming: así es  Rappi, la app "todo delivery" que triunfa en Latinoamérica
HABI | Compramos tu apartamento

Sector: Proptech

Sector: Proptech

La Haus, proyectos inmobiliarios verificados para invertir
Procesos – Frubana Jobs

Sector: E-commerce

Bold cuenta con más 230 mil comercios en Colombia - MastekHW

Sector: Fintech

Platzi opiniones: ¿Valen la pena los cursos? Resumen completo | Classpert

Sector: Edtech

Addi, empresa líder de 'compre ahora y pague después'

Sector: Fintech

Chiper, la plataforma que busca digitalizar a las «tienditas de la esquina»  - Techla Media

Sector: E-commerce

Así es Robinfood, la foodtech colombiana que logró recaudar $1.000 millones  en recaudación en 12 minutos - Marketing 4 Ecommerce - Tu revista de  marketing online para e-commerce

Sector: Food

LAIKA Mascotas - YouTube

Sector: E-commerce

Among the Top 100 Startups in Colombia:

In addition to these 10 exceptional companies, the list of the top 100 startups in Colombia includes various companies with up to six years of existence. Some of them are:

This list, highlighting the diversity and potential of the Colombian entrepreneurial ecosystem, does not represent a hierarchical ranking but rather a celebration of innovation and creativity amid economic and financial challenges.