From Pandemic Discovery to Tech Innovation: The Casanovas Family's Journey with Capazeta

From Pandemic Discovery to Tech Innovation: The Casanovas Family's Journey with Capazeta

In the Argentine startup scene, Capazeta stands out, a circular food traceability platform that has gained attention both in its country of origin, Argentina, and in Spain, where it has been accelerated at the La Nave innovation center, Madrid. Behind this initiative is the Casanovas family: Eduardo, with more than 30 years of experience in IT team management; Manuel, with more than 15 years in team management in multinational companies; and Ignacio, with 12 years of experience in entrepreneurial development and corporate consulting.

Origins and Family Transformation during the Pandemic

Capazeta's story began in the middle of the pandemic, a time of change for the founders. They discovered celiac disease, transforming not only their eating habits, but also their work outlook. Given this scenario, they decided to join forces and co-found a startup that would not only mark a change in the food industry, but also respond to a personal need. This is how the idea of creating a seal with 4.0 technology to ensure food quality was born.

Capazeta's proposal materializes as a technological platform for circular food traceability. Companies can integrate QR codes into their product labels, allowing consumers to securely access vital information about origin and sustainability practices. This innovation not only provides transparency, but also allows companies to activate real-time alerts for specific health events.

Target Audience and Market Validation

Capazeta's target audience is food companies that seek to transparently share the quality of their products and processes. Tangible examples of its success are evident in the most important Beef Processing Plant Group in Argentina, which has adopted the solution in its premium line of vacuum packaging at source.

Ignacio Casanovas highlights Capazeta's value proposition, addressing key concerns of food companies: generating consumer trust, disseminating the value of sustainability practices and improving recall management. With consumer awareness on the rise, Capazeta technology becomes increasingly relevant in purchasing decisions.

Blockchain technology is the pillar of security and transparency at Capazeta. In an always vulnerable digital world, the choice of blockchain is justified by its robustness in cybersecurity. With a team led by an expert in the field, Capazeta implements protocols aligned with international standards to minimize risks.

Capazeta – Trazabilidad en Blockchain - Capazeta
Manuel Casanovas - Co-Founder & COO, Eduardo Casanovas - Co-Founder & CTO and Ignacio Casanovas - Co-Founder & CEO

Internationalization and Participation in Innovation Programs

Capazeta has transcended borders with his participation in the Softlanding Europe Program in La Nave, Madrid. This experience not only strengthened his understanding of the Spanish market and the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but also contributed significantly to his growth.

After winning the Softlanding Europe Program Demo Day, the Capazeta co-founders are heading to the LN Meeting 2023 in November. In addition, they seek to consolidate their presence in the Spanish market by taking advantage of the Madrid II Talent Bridges Program to integrate and raise capital.

This company stands as an Agri-Food-Tech Startup committed to promoting food security. Its blockchain-based traceability platform not only shows past data, but also allows companies to share the quality of their products and processes with blockchain guarantee, marking a milestone in the technological revolution of the food industry.