Innogen Capital Launches $10M Fund to Boost Startups in Central America

Innogen Capital Launches $10M Fund to Boost Startups in Central America

Innogen Capital, a Salvadoran venture capital fund, has unveiled the "Delta Fund I", aimed at benefiting 25 early-stage startups in the healthcare, finance, education, real estate, agriculture, and logistics industries across El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Backed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), this initiative seeks startups with scalable and high-growth business models.

Local and Corporate Investor Support

The Delta Fund I receive an initial investment of up to $2.5 million from the United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), along with investments totaling $1 million from Grupo Agrisal and Grupo Steiner. These investments contribute to Innogen Capital's goal of reaching a total fund size of $10 million. Rodrigo Dumont, Managing Partner at Innogen Capital, emphasizes the importance of these investments in supporting technological projects addressing fundamental issues for the base of the pyramid in the region.

Mateo Goldman, Interim Vice President of Investment Funds at DFC, highlights the significance of collaborating with USAID to support investment in early-stage technology entrepreneurs. This collaboration strengthens the fund's ability to finance innovative business solutions benefiting underserved communities and small enterprises.

The name "Delta" symbolizes a positive change for Central America and reflects the belief in the region's potential for innovation and economic development. Dumont stresses that this is the first regional fund exclusively focused on the Northern Central America, underscoring Innogen Capital and its investors' commitment to the region's growth and development through innovation and technology.

Delta Fund: An Opportunity for Tech Entrepreneurs

The Delta Fund presents an opportunity for early-stage tech entrepreneurs seeking to drive change in Central America. Innogen Capital, through this fund, not only provides funding but also strategic support and key connections to help startups reach their full potential.

Innogen Capital positions itself as more than just a venture capital fund; it defines itself as an architect of innovation, founded by visionaries for visionaries. With a track record spanning over a decade, Innogen Capital has strategically invested in over 20 innovative technology companies with combined valuations exceeding $100 billion. Their focus is on companies utilizing high-impact technologies with the potential for exponential scalability across diverse industries and regions.

Our Commitment to Entrepreneurs

Innogen Capital is committed not only to providing capital, but also to offering active support and guidance to companies in its portfolio. With a team of 20 experts, Innogen Capital operates with the agility of a startup, continuously developing proprietary software to unlock the full potential of its professional network. Their goal is to provide the right resources to founders at the right time to drive their growth and success.

The launch of Delta Fund I represent a significant step in driving innovation and entrepreneurship in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Supported by local and international investors, and with the backing of USAID and DFC, this fund offers a unique opportunity for early-stage tech startups in the region. Innogen Capital reaffirms its commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and catalyzing positive change in Latin America through technology investment and strategic networking.

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