Explore the Mana Tech and ProColombia Immersion Program

Explore the Mana Tech and ProColombia Immersion Program

The rapid growth of the startup ecosystem in Colombia has captured international attention, with significant increases in investment in recent years. According to recent data, the number of deals and invested capital have experienced a notable rise, going from 6 deals and $188 million deployed in the first quarter of 2018 to 29 deals and $457 million deployed in the first quarter of 2022. Additionally, between 2013 and 2023, Colombian startups managed to raise a total of USD 4.621 billion, a testimony to the sector's growth and potential in the country.

Mana Tech and the ProColombia Miami Immersion Program

In this context of technological growth, Mana Tech, a leading technological innovation hub in South Florida, led by visionary Moishe Mana, joins forces with ProColombia to launch the ProColombia Miami Immersion Program. This program aims to provide Colombian startups with the tools and connections necessary for successful entry into the US market.

Utilizing the proven hybrid immersion program model of Mana Tech, the ProColombia Miami Immersion Program is designed to support Colombian tech-based startups, offering valuable virtual sessions from April 22 to May 24, providing remote knowledge and guidance. Founders will then arrive in Miami from May 27 to May 31 for an intensive week of activities designed to explore opportunities within Miami's technological ecosystem.

The program culminates with a Demo Day on Friday, May 31, at Mana Common in downtown Miami (6 PM EST). This highly anticipated event provides a platform for selected startups to present their companies to a panel of expert judges from Mana Tech's prestigious network. The Demo Day not only serves as a showcase for program participants, but also as a valuable networking opportunity for the tech community, fostering collaboration and connection.

Miami as a Gateway for Latin American Entrepreneurs

Miami stands out as a strategic location for this initiative, thanks to its robust connectivity, thriving technological community, and favorable government policies to attract international talent. These characteristics make Miami the ideal gateway for Latin American entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses into the United States.

The ProColombia Miami Immersion Program combines Mana Tech's strengths as a facilitator of international connections with ProColombia's strong support in promoting exports and investments. This hybrid program is designed to support Colombian tech-based startups, offering virtual training sessions followed by an intensive week in Miami, where founders can explore opportunities within the local technological ecosystem.

List of Selected Companies

Among the Colombian companies selected to participate in this edition of the program are Administrator.co S.A.S, Aleriom, Coally, ControlT SAS, Dogma Biotech, Estori, Finky S.A.S., Homty, HoyTrabajas, Inverti, Keep Up, Keybe, Kumu Colombia S.A.S., Linnda, LQN Hipotecas, Moda Lab, PeakU, Virtual Impact, WeKall, and Superfuds.

The ProColombia Miami Immersion Program represents a significant step in driving Colombian technological expansion in the United States. Through this collaboration between Mana Tech and ProColombia, Colombian startups are offered a unique platform to internationalize their operations and access new markets. With the success of this initiative, it is expected to further strengthen ties between the technological communities of both countries and foster sustainable growth in the startup sector.

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