Izimedia: AI applied to media analysis

Izimedia: AI applied to media analysis

With the rise of information in today's world, it becomes increasingly crucial for organizations to be able to gather, analyze, and effectively utilize the data found in the media environment. In this scenario, Izimedia emerges as a Chilean start-up offering media intelligence services driven by innovative technological tools, thus transforming the way organizations gather information and make decisions.

Addressing a Crucial Need

Izimedia focuses on addressing the challenge posed by the overwhelming amount of information in the media, offering advanced solutions backed by artificial intelligence. This start-up is dedicated to the field of media intelligence, providing innovative tools for news analysis, media monitoring, and advertising value.

Benjamín Domb, CEO of Izimedia, highlights the positive impact that artificial intelligence has in this field. AI algorithms enable efficient tracking and categorization of large volumes of information, providing accurate real-time results. This process automation is enriched by the ability for customization, enhancing user experience and providing more insights.

The foundation of Izimedia boasts prominent leaders in technological innovation and the clipping and advertising verification industry. Fabio Traverso, one of the founding partners, emphasizes the solid foundation of experience and specialized knowledge that underpins the high-quality services they offer.

Service Example: Analysis of Former Presidents' Media Participation

A concrete example of the service offered by Izimedia is a study on the media participation of former presidents of Chile in 2023. According to this analysis, Sebastián Piñera led in mentions with 44%, followed by Michelle Bachelet with 37%. The study also identified the top 20 political figures with the most presence in the print media.

Izimedia: una startup de media intelligence que analiza con IA a los medios
Benjamín Domb, CEO of Izimedia

Izimedia's Operation

The Izimedia process breaks down into three stages: data selection, data processing, and sending customized reports. They offer a wide range of services, from media and social media monitoring to data analysis and content distribution.

Among the services offered by Izimedia are media monitoring, content distribution, data analysis, and personalized report design. They stand out for the speed and simplicity of their tools, as well as the continuous support provided to their clients.

In summary, Izimedia is revolutionizing how organizations access and utilize media information, thanks to their innovative tools and technologies. Their focus on artificial intelligence, combined with their experience and personalized services, makes them a key player in the field of media intelligence.