LG Electronics and Guatemalan Universities Drive Industrial Design Forward

LG Electronics and Guatemalan Universities Drive Industrial Design Forward

LG Electronics has embarked on a journey to harness the creative potential of students from Guatemala from Rafael Landivar University and Francisco Marroquin University through an innovative design project. Over the course of three months, these budding talents were given a unique platform to unleash their ingenuity and craft an extraordinary design for LG Electronics' XBOOM XG5 audio devices.

The Journey to Excellence: From Call to Award Ceremony

This project, unfolding from March to May of this year, transcended the traditional boundaries of a mere competition. It emerged as a transformative opportunity for students to delve deep into the realm of industrial design, guided by the wisdom and mentorship of their professors. From its inception, the project exuded an aura of excitement and dedication, with a stringent selection process elevating six finalist groups for their exceptional creativity and academic prowess.

Isis Córdova, Marketing Manager at LG Electronics, shared her excitement for the process, from the initial call to the final project presentations in the showroom on May 14th. She highlighted the dedication and talent of each participant, making the journey truly thrilling.

The main goal of the project was to design an interactive and innovative experience to showcase the XBOOM XG5 speakers at retail points. More than just an aesthetic exercise, it aimed to highlight the unique features of the product, such as its water resistance and dust protection.

Third place winner

A Promising Future for Innovation and Collaboration

After thorough evaluation, Team Chroma, composed of third-year students from Rafael Landívar University, was announced as the winner. Their design stood out for its originality, innovation, and ability to convey the distinctive qualities of the XBOOM XG5 devices in a creative and appealing manner. The winners were recognized by LG Electronics authorities, and their design will be implemented at retail points, bearing their names on a plaque.

This project demonstrates LG Electronics' ongoing commitment to innovation and emerging talent, creating spaces for collaboration and development in the field of interactive design and technology, in line with their “Life's Good” promise.