Meet Fundamental, the venture studio that aims to launch 10 startups in Mexico by 2028

Meet Fundamental, the venture studio that aims to launch 10 startups in Mexico by 2028

Fundamental, a new venture studio, is gearing up to launch 10 startups from scratch in Mexico and across Latin America. With a focus on high-growth social enterprises, the studio provides a unique methodology for building businesses and offers shared support services such as technology and human resources within a maximum timeframe of 36 months. Recently, the firm secured financing of 130 million pesos to fuel its ambitious mission.

Empowering Social Entrepreneurship

Fundamental, as a new venture studio dedicated to social projects, announced its intention to catalyze the development of 10 startups from inception to 2028 in the region. The studio emphasizes its methodology, which assists entrepreneurs in developing startups that are 3 to 4 times more cost-effective during their formation phase.

Corentin Larue, co-founder and Managing Director of Fundamental, expressed the studio's long-term vision and commitment to bolstering the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mexico. He emphasized the aspiration to create a lasting impact in Latin America by collaborating with bold entrepreneurs to establish technological startups that will transform the traditional and informal economy of the region.

Highlighting its recent funding infusion of over 130 million pesos, Fundamental underscored its strategic collaborations with partners such as Elea, Julius Baer Foundation, and Visa, along with other foundations and investors in Europe and the United States. The studio also revealed that it already has four companies in its portfolio generating revenue in the Edtech, Foodtech, Cleantech, and BeautyTech sectors.

Unique Business Models

Fundamental's approach emphasizes the importance of a sustainable business model as a catalyst for fundamental change. Leveraging Software as a Service (SaaS), marketplaces, and subscription models, the startups under Fundamental's umbrella aim to develop solutions in clean-, food-, beauty-, and ed-Tech domains, thereby strengthening micro businesses across the value chain.

Since its inception in 2021, Fundamental has emerged as a fusion of social impact and startup building expertise. Founded with a shared vision by experienced leaders in social impact and entrepreneurial startup building, the studio aims to address fundamental challenges in Latin America through for-profit ventures.

With a commitment to launching 10 ventures by 2028, Fundamental seeks to transform the lives of micro businesses and their communities, ultimately impacting millions across the region.