Meet Migtra: Revolutionizing Fleet Operations with Cutting-Edge Video Analytics Technology

Meet Migtra: Revolutionizing Fleet Operations with Cutting-Edge Video Analytics Technology

Whether it's for tasks performed at heights or in loading and unloading zones, this solution employs Artificial Intelligence to detect unsafe behaviors that could jeopardize the safety of industrial operations. Implementing this technology has resulted in up to a 92% reduction in risks in work areas within the first year.

Video Analytics: Chilean Startup Utilizing AI to Monitor and Prevent Accidents

Tools such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning continue to expand their utility across various fields, with the realm of safety and logistics increasingly witnessing their enhanced applications.

Indeed, both are integral components of a recent development by Migtra, a Chilean company providing safety solutions to reduce fleet accidents. This time, Migtra has focused on video analytics.

In 2012, Pedro Garcia and Roberto Lira joined forces, believing that endemic problems in the transportation industry, such as accidents and lack of productivity, could be addressed through science and analysis of the vast amount of data naturally generated by the industry. After dedicating the initial years to conceptual models, they began developing solutions based on their algorithms in 2016. The launch of Risk RAEV in 2017 and RACC in 2018 marked the formal beginning of Migtra.

Pedro Garcia, General Manager and founder of Migtra, with a presence in Peru and Colombia, explains, "To improve safety indices in different areas of fleet operations, we developed a tool a few years ago. Using our clients' surveillance cameras, this tool enables us to perform safety and risk controls. Through statistical methods, machine learning models, and specially designed algorithms, we can analyze videos to prevent accidents, achieving up to a 92% reduction in risks in work areas in the first year of implementation."
Chilena Migtra llega a Colombia con miras a conquistar a gigantes como  Ecopetrol, Mina Cerrejón y el Grupo Bimbo | DF SUD
Pedro Garcia, General Manager and founder of Migtra

What Information Does It Provide?

After training a model tailored to the specific problem, by using real-time surveillance camera images, the system can monitor if workers are using personal protective equipment, adhering to safety protocols, and following established procedures. In case of non-compliance, on-site and email alerts are issued, along with providing a record for future activity tracking.

Garcia adds, "We are constantly seeking technological alternatives to improve safety. This is because we understand its significant impact on workers and its close relationship with productivity. There is a virtuous circle between them, and thanks to cutting-edge developments, improvements can be made within companies and across various operational areas."

How Does It Work?

Clients with activities occurring throughout the day, without a fixed schedule, and across the week, use the system to automatically and in real-time evaluate compliance with pre-established safety conditions using on-site security cameras. Alerts are raised promptly, both on-site and via email, as needed. Video segments of the activity are recorded and made available in a report for subsequent management.

Features of the Solution

  • Customized detection algorithms for each company.
  • Safety and productivity management through AI.
  • Monitoring of 100% of operations with real-time alerts.
  • Centralized image management platform.

Migtra's Unique Solutions

Migtra's solutions cover a wide range of transportation operations. Their tailored indicators and control dashboards lead to significant time savings in managing safety and productivity processes.

With the rapid growth and collaborations with major players in the industry, such as SQM, Codelco, and Abastible, Migtra has solidified its position in the market. The support from Corfo's Capital Semilla has propelled their growth, allowing them to continually enhance their products, algorithms, technologies, and work models.

Migtra positions itself as the most reliable expert partner for businesses aiming to enhance profitability and productivity while reducing accident risks. Their innovative approach, backed by cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and video analytics, enables them to offer unique, customized solutions that are shaping the future of industrial safety.