Meet the Startups Chosen for the VC4A Venture Showcase LatAm 2023-2024

Meet the Startups Chosen for the VC4A Venture Showcase LatAm 2023-2024

In an exciting event, VC4A is proud to present the 10 startups selected for the VC4A Venture Showcase LatAm – Women Founder Edition, a significant milestone in Latin America's entrepreneurial ecosystem. This program, the first of its kind in the region, is specifically designed to support innovative startups led by women.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Focus on Latin America

Latin America has witnessed exponential growth in entrepreneurship, yet women founders have faced significant challenges in accessing capital and resources. According to statistics, startups founded by Latin women barely captured 1% of available venture capital until 2022. Recognizing this gap, VC4A launched the Venture Showcase – Women Founder Edition to drive the growth of women-led companies in the region.

The Top 10 Female-Led Startups in Latam

After a rigorous selection process, the following 10 startups stood out for their innovation, leadership, and growth potential:

Series A Track

Chattigo (Chile): An omnichannel SaaS platform that enhances customer communications.

EthicHub (Mexico): Offers a collective guarantee system to support affordable loans for small farmers.

Quipu Bank (Colombia): Works with small businesses, providing them with working capital loans through a supply chain financing system.


Pre-Series A Track

PleIQ (Chile): A pioneer in educational technology, using mobile augmented reality and artificial intelligence to create smart learning resources.

Sofi (Brazil): A fintech that streamlines and automates financial operations for businesses.

Seed Track

Cirkula (Peru): Helps restaurants and stores reduce food waste by facilitating the sale of surplus quality food.

Incluirtec (Colombia): Provides a platform to assess the risk associated with granting loans to farmers.

KredFeed (Mexico): Offers an automated accounts receivable-based financing platform.

Snap Compliance (Costa Rica): Provides automated compliance and risk management in a centralized, collaborative manner.

Pre-Seed Track

Vexxel (Argentina): Develops non-toxic biocapsules to eliminate the use of chemicals in agriculture and the food industry.

Celebrating Success and Supporting the Journey Ahead

The audience is invited to join in celebrating the accomplishments of these companies and to extend support towards their path to success. These women entrepreneurs epitomize the next generation of business leaders not only in Latin America but also beyond.

There is a commitment to continue showcasing the talent and potential of these women-led companies as they progress through the program. Efforts will be dedicated to supporting and amplifying their impact within the startup ecosystem of Latin America and beyond.

For further details about the participating companies and the program, interested parties may contact Alejandra Paniagua, Project Manager at VC4A.