Meta World Congress: Know Everything About Its First Edition in Mexico

Meta World Congress: Know Everything About Its First Edition in Mexico

Meta World Congress, a renowned forum for innovation and technology, has announced its arrival in Latin America following the success of its latest edition in Madrid, Spain. The Madrid edition, held on April 10th and 11th, featured over 100 exhibitors, 150 globally recognized technology experts, and attracted nearly 2,200 attendees.

Choosing Mexico City: A Hub for Innovation and Investment

Pedro López Chaltelt, director of Meta World Congress Latam, revealed some details about the first edition of the forum in LATAM. Mexico has been chosen as the venue due to its attractiveness for foreign investment, especially in the startup technology sector. The event will take place at the World Trade Center in Mexico City on November 12th and 13th.

Chaltelt emphasized that the concept of the forum will be similar to that of Madrid. It will feature prominent international speakers and a showcase where regional companies will exhibit their technological advancements. Although the call for exhibitors has not yet been launched, a pitching space is expected to be opened for startups interested in presenting their projects to a jury, similar to the event in Madrid.

The forum aims not only to create networking and business collaboration opportunities, but also to disseminate the latest technological advances. This includes topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, Web3, digital realities, quantum computing, cybersecurity, and more. Panels and conferences will be led by experts with extensive experience in these areas, fostering dialogue on current and future technological trends.

It is expected that the LATAM edition will have a more experiential and interactive focus, prioritizing audience participation in hands-on experimentation with cutting-edge technology. This will not only offer attendees the opportunity to learn about these innovations, but also to experience them firsthand.

Invitation to Participate

Meta World Congress aims to attract all those interested in emerging technologies, inviting both experts and technology enthusiasts to participate in the event. The forum also provides a platform for the most innovative startups in artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital realities, and technology in general.

Selected startups will have the opportunity to showcase their projects and capture worldwide attention. Additionally, all registered startups will receive 2 general admission tickets to the conference, and those selected for pitching will receive 10 tickets.

Meta World Congress is more than just a congress; it is an exploration. Over two days, participants will immerse themselves in technological changes guided by professionals and experts, preparing for the challenges and opportunities of the future.