Mexico's AI Investment in 2024: A Lenovo Data Overview

Mexico's AI Investment in 2024: A Lenovo Data Overview

Lenovo has recently unveiled a study revealing trends in artificial intelligence (AI) investment in Latin America. According to this research, Mexico is positioning itself as one of the leading countries in the region, investing significantly in AI infrastructure.

In 2024, Latin America is expected to receive at least $240 million in AI-related investments. Of this amount, Mexico will receive $98 million, making it the second-largest investor in infrastructure in the region. These figures come from research commissioned by Lenovo to the consulting firm IDC, aimed at guiding Chief Information Officers (CIOs) in adopting emerging technologies.

Business Expectations and Priorities

The research is based on a survey conducted with 500 business decision-makers across Latin America. The report, known as 'CIO PlayBook 24', highlights that budgets allocated to AI will focus on modernization, automation, management, and security of information technologies. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on developing generative AI tools, which are crucial for digital transformation.

Since the AI boom in 2021, driven by companies like OpenAI, the adoption of this technology has generated significant expectations. Lenovo's study shows that 52% of organizations in Latin America consider AI integration a crucial point for their evolution. Additionally, 35% of the CIOs surveyed indicated that adopting AI is one of their top priorities for 2024. A notable 61% of companies are already preparing for this technological future.

Despite the optimism, CIOs face several challenges in adopting AI. The main hurdles identified include the digital transformation process within companies, cybersecurity management, and acquiring qualified talent. Overcoming these obstacles is essential to fully leverage the opportunities that AI offers.

Lenovo's Position in the AI Market

Lenovo, known for its production of computers and electronic devices, has been integrating AI functions into its products and services. The company has added AI capabilities to laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones, as well as IT infrastructure and services. The goal is to enhance user experience and increase business efficiency.

João Bortone, President and General Manager of Lenovo ISG Latin America, emphasizes the urgency in customer demand for AI solutions. “AI is no longer new to Lenovo, but today we are experiencing an urgency in customer demands. We are excited to be the technology partner supporting companies on this journey with robust, ready-to-use AI solutions, leading this transformation in Latin America,” stated Bortone.
Lenovo presentó su CIO PlayBook 24 Launch.

Mexico is solidifying its position as a leader in artificial intelligence investment in Latin America, with a clear focus on technological modernization and the creation of advanced infrastructures. Although there are significant challenges, the opportunities are immense for companies that manage to adapt and leverage AI capabilities. Lenovo, for its part, positions itself as a key partner in this transformation, offering innovative solutions and supporting companies on their path towards an AI-driven future.