Miami Immersion Program by Mana Tech Arrives In Its Fifth Edition

Miami Immersion Program by Mana Tech Arrives In Its Fifth Edition

In the heart of Miami's bustling entrepreneurial scene, Mana Tech gears up for the much-anticipated fifth edition of the Miami Immersion Program. This flagship initiative, set against the backdrop of Tech Month, promises an unparalleled opportunity for startups to delve into the American market with strategic tools and connections.

Collaborative Support and Dynamic Format

Under the patronage of Delta Air Lines, LATAM Airlines, Microsoft, and Microsoft for Startups, Mana Tech has curated a program that seamlessly integrates virtual and in-person components. Commencing with three weeks of virtual engagement from March 11th to April 5th, the program culminates in an intensive week in Miami from April 7th to April 12th.

Drawing participants from nine countries spanning continents, including Spain, the United States, Argentina, Panama, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and the United Arab Emirates, this edition promises a diverse pool of perspectives and groundbreaking ideas.

Syncing with Miami Tech Month

What adds an extra layer of excitement is the synchronization of in-person sessions with Miami Tech Month, an annual celebration spotlighting the city's tech prowess. From industry symposiums to thought-provoking conferences, Tech Month pulsates with the energy of innovation, providing an immersive experience for program participants.

Mana Tech's Miami Immersion Program is more than just a curriculum; it's a catalyst for success in the competitive American market. By fostering an environment of mentorship and resource-sharing, the program equips entrepreneurs with the acumen and networks needed to thrive.

The apex of the program arrives with Demo Day on April 12th, where handpicked startups will unveil their ventures before a distinguished panel of judges and potential investors. It's not just about pitching; it's about showcasing the future of entrepreneurship.

Meet the Selected Companies:

A Gateway to Global Ventures

The Miami Immersion Program serves as a gateway to international ventures. With an emphasis on practical learning and strategic networking, this edition is poised to redefine the trajectory of participating startups.

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About Mana Tech

At the nexus of Miami's entrepreneurial ecosystem, Mana Tech is committed to nurturing the next generation of visionaries. Through a blend of acceleration programs, collaborative spaces, and strategic partnerships, Mana Tech continues to push the boundaries of innovation, one startup at a time.