Over 200 Latin American Startups Boosted by the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program

Over 200 Latin American Startups Boosted by the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program

After two years of the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program (IFSP), over 200 startups from across Latin America have mastered the art of successful capital raising. This program, crafted by the social and environmental impact investment fund Impacta VC, is gearing up for its third consecutive edition starting in late April, with a duration of three months.

Origins and Objectives of the Program

The program emerged as a response to a recognized need by David Alvo, General Manager of Impacta VC, who noted the challenge startups faced in raising capital. With the aim of providing an effective solution to this issue, Alvo designed a comprehensive methodology that later evolved into the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program (IFSP). The program focuses on teaching startups to understand the intricacies of Venture Capital (VC) and to develop their own fundraising strategy, enabling them to access pre-seed, seed, or Pre-Series A funding rounds.

The IFSP has had a notable reach across the Latin American region, with participation from startups originating from 12 different countries. In the previous two editions, 67 startups from Chile, 21 from Argentina, 13 from Uruguay, 12 from Mexico, 11 from Colombia, 8 from Peru, and several others from countries such as Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, and Venezuela have benefited. This regional reach is backed by the program's high effectiveness, with 70% of startups completing the first edition reporting success in capital raising.

The program has received exceptionally positive feedback from over 170 founders who have participated in the classes, praising both the quality and content of the sessions. Additionally, the IFSP has welcomed distinguished personalities from the business world, including Marcus Dantus, Zev Siegl, Courtney McColgan, Aaron Hurst, Alvaro Silverstein, and Eduardo Della Maggiora, who have shared their experiences and knowledge to inspire new entrepreneurs.

Promotion of Female Participation

Since its inception, the IFSP has been committed to promoting female participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, aiming to reduce the gender gap. In the last edition, the Women Ambassadors program was implemented, providing scholarships to 30 startups founded by women. This effort has borne fruit, as the percentage of startups led by women has significantly increased, surpassing the initial goal of 25%.

In the previous edition of the IFSP, the Live Fundraising Project was launched, an innovative initiative that allowed startups to present their projects live to an audience of potential investors and clients. This initiative was a resounding success, raising USD 1.4 million in commitments and deposits for several participating startups. For the 2024 edition, the IFSP introduces new improvements and is open for applications starting in late April, with a duration of three months.

The Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program has established itself as a fundamental pillar in the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem, equipping startups with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve success in capital raising. With the ongoing commitment of Impacta VC and active participation of entrepreneurs and experts, the program remains a driving force for growth and innovation in the region.

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