POSIBLE 2024: a program to promote entrepreneurship in Mexico

POSIBLE 2024: a program to promote entrepreneurship in Mexico

On February 20, 2024, in Mexico City, the launch of the National Call for POSIBLE 2024 was announced, a program driven by Nacional Monte de Piedad and Fundación Televisa. Since 2013, POSIBLE has been supporting innovative entrepreneurs throughout Mexico, with the aim of democratizing high-impact entrepreneurship. The initiative seeks to provide opportunities for all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic background, to create scalable, innovative businesses with a positive purpose.

Inclusive and Equitable Support

During the National Call 2023, there was nationwide coverage with a significant participation of 40% women, highlighting POSIBLE's commitment to gender equality and inclusion in entrepreneurship. Recognizing the diversity of entrepreneur profiles, the program strives to offer specific support according to the individual needs of each participant, whether in the early stages of developing their idea or seeking to expand their business.

The call for POSIBLE 2024 will be open until May 17 under the slogan "Entrepreneurship is POSIBLE." In this edition, artificial intelligence is employed in images, voice, and script creation to convey the program's efforts to stay current, innovative, and aligned with current entrepreneurship trends.

What is POSIBLE?

POSIBLE is a program developed by Fundación Televisa and Nacional Monte de Piedad, which since 2013 has supported entrepreneurs throughout Mexico. Its objective is to democratize high-impact entrepreneurship, allowing all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, to create businesses with a positive purpose, scalable, and innovative.

Innovative ventures are sought, preferably technology-driven, led by individuals over 18 years of age residing in Mexico and interested in solving problems at the community, state, or national level. Ventures at various stages are accepted: from ideas to ongoing operations.

Benefits for Registered Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs registered in the National Call for POSIBLE 2024 will receive several benefits, including:

  1. Guidance to develop their business model and formulate key questions for business success.
  2. Access to specialized training through online courses to improve their business vision and guide them in the next steps of their entrepreneurship.
  3. Opportunity to attend the National Camp, where they can interact with other entrepreneurs from across the country, participate in conferences, workshops, and receive valuable content to develop a work plan with the help of a specialized mentor.

How to Register in POSIBLE

Interested parties can register at posible.org.mx. During the process, they will find support resources to enhance their knowledge in key entrepreneurship topics.