Proptech Latam Summit Week 2024: An Encounter for the Real Estate Ecosystem of Latam

Proptech Latam Summit Week 2024: An Encounter for the Real Estate Ecosystem of Latam

The much-awaited Proptech Latam Summit Week 2024 is about to kick off, solidifying its position as the leading event in real estate technology in Latin America. This gathering, in its 12th edition, will take place from June 3rd to June 7th at the Citibanamex center in Mexico City. Driving this initiative is Andrea Rodríguez Valdez and her team at Proptech Latam Platform, backed by prominent brands such as Google, Daikin, BBVA, Mercado Libre, Modulbox, and WeWork.

Under the theme "Come, Learn, and Innovate," the Proptech Latam Summit Week 2024 will bring together experts and leaders from the real estate and technology sectors to explore the latest trends and developments in five key thematic areas shaping the future of technological real estate.

1. Financial Technology and Real Estate Sector

The first focus will be on the intersection between financial technology and the real estate sector, with discussions on blockchain, tokenization, and crowdfunding. The event will delve into how these innovations are transforming real estate investment and creating more accessible and efficient business models.

2. Urban Transformation

Another central point will be the transformation of cities towards the future, addressing topics such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and urban mobility. New urban models like the "15-minute city" will be explored, along with how technology can enhance efficiency, sustainability, and quality of life in urban environments.

3. Construction Innovation

The summit will showcase the latest innovations in construction management software, design and engineering, robotics, and prefabricated construction, in line with the technological revolution sweeping the construction industry. Additionally, the new Contech map of Latin America will be highlighted, showcasing startups transforming the construction sector in the region.

4. Technologies Applied to Corporate Real Estate

The event will explore the latest trends in artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and Big Data applied to corporate real estate. Discussions will also focus on how these technologies are enhancing efficiency and profitability in real estate asset management.

5. Impact of Diversity on Innovation

Given the increasing role of women in the real estate and technology industries, the forum will feature success stories of Latin American women entrepreneurs and analyze the impact of diversity on innovation and the design of technological solutions. The forum will delve into the power of women in shaping a new technological real estate landscape.

The summit expects the participation of a thousand visitors from 20 countries, as well as international delegations from Spain, the United States, and Brazil. To get more information, click here.