Regeneración by All In: Nestle Mexico’s Initiative for Environmental Preservation

Regeneración by All In: Nestle Mexico’s Initiative for Environmental Preservation

Regeneration By All-In stands as an open call for startups and scale-ups with disruptive proposals aimed at impacting and contributing to the care and preservation of the planet for both present and future generations.

This is a collaboration between Nestlé and Yield Lab LATAM, a prominent AgriFoodtech Venture Capital firm with a strong presence across Latin America. This strategic alliance ensures the momentum and feasibility of the selected proposals.

Focus Areas and Proposed Solutions

This sustainability innovation initiative by Nestlé Mexico invites startups and scaleups to participate with groundbreaking ideas that promote environmental protection and sustainability.

The proposals sought after in this call focus on three key areas: reducing CO2 emissions, increasing packaging circularity, and improving water usage efficiency.

Reducing CO2 Emissions

  • Implementation of automation systems for data collection on emissions.
  • Development of additives for foods with a lower carbon footprint.
  • Deployment of carbon capture measurement systems.
  • Creation of solutions to convert organic waste into bioenergetics, such as biofuels.

Increasing Packaging Circularity

  • Development of solutions for the collection and transformation of used plastics into food-grade resin through chemical recycling.

Improving Water Usage Efficiency

  • Implementation of disruptive solutions for treating and reusing process water.
  • Development of water usage monitoring systems in plants.
  • Creation of intelligent irrigation solutions.
  • Deployment of software for mapping water supply basin levels.

Selected participants will have the opportunity to join the Nestlé community, access its infrastructure in Mexico, conduct a 12 to 24-week pilot with provided funding, and potentially establish a long-term relationship as a strategic partner with Nestlé.

Participation Requirements

To apply for this call, companies or individuals must be legally constituted and up to date with their tax obligations. Additionally, they must have operations in Mexico or be in the process of opening operations in the country. The proposed product or service must be validated and aligned with the aforementioned focus areas.

Some the companies that have collaborated with Nestlé in this initiative are Agree, BreakPet, Solena, and Ainwater, all recognized for their talent and commitment to sustainable innovation.

Application Deadline

The deadline to participate in the call is Sunday, June 2nd.

Regeneration by All In represents a significant effort by Nestlé Mexico and Yield Lab LATAM to promote sustainable innovation and support emerging companies with disruptive solutions in environmental preservation. This collaboration demonstrates the shared commitment of both organizations to a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

For more information on this call and how to participate, please click on the provided link.