Silver Women: Driving Continuing Education with a Gender Perspective

Silver Women: Driving Continuing Education with a Gender Perspective

Today's world sees the silver economy playing a crucial role in the professional development of women. To address this growing importance, SilverLac, in collaboration with GTC Mujer of Banco G&T Continental, introduced the forum "Silver Women and Continuing Education.” Held on Wednesday, May 29. The event underscored the importance of continuing education while creating a platform to discuss its impact on the work and entrepreneurial lives of women over 50.

Silver Women: Empowering Women through Education

Andrea Cabrera, founder and CEO of SilverLac, expressed her satisfaction with the forum, highlighting the achievement of its primary goal: providing relevant information on higher education in Guatemala to help more women reignite their professional aspirations regardless of age.

The forum featured three distinguished business schools in Guatemala: BURÓ Business School, ESI Business School, and SCS Business School. The directors of these institutions delivered presentations emphasizing the importance of lifelong learning and the opportunities it offers for older women in the business world.

To cap off the event, Claudia Rosales Modenessi, Country Manager of MEDA, shared her inspiring professional journey and the challenges she has faced throughout her career. Her story provided valuable insights into the resilience and determination required to succeed in the business world.

Exploring New Opportunities

The success of this event was made possible by the support of Banco GyT Continental and its GTC Mujer initiative, known for its commitment to gender equality and female empowerment. Annisabelle Behrens, Director of Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion at GTC Mujer, emphasized the importance of addressing the specific needs of the silver economy segment. Behrens noted that GTC Mujer takes pride in offering solutions that facilitate financial decision-making, helping women safeguard their assets and enjoy a peaceful life.

The “Silver Women and Continuing Education” forum highlighted how lifelong learning can open new opportunities for older women in the business sector. The event not only promoted continuing education as a tool for empowerment but also emphasized the importance of supporting women at every stage of their professional lives.

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