The 10 Most Promising Startups in Colombia in 2024

The 10 Most Promising Startups in Colombia in 2024

In 2024, Colombia stands out on the global innovation map thanks to ten startups that are redefining technology and entrepreneurship. Each of these companies, identified by Cuantico Insights, represents a unique and disruptive approach in sectors such as financial technology, energy, and digital commerce.

In 2023, Colombia witnessed 107 deals with a total funding of $257.33 million. Here are the most promising startups in Colombia and how each is innovating and transforming its sector. It is worth mentioning that in future editions, we will continue to explore the landscape of other Latin American countries to highlight the most promising startups in each one.


Simetrik is a no-code SaaS tool that helps companies automate and optimize their financial operations by extracting, normalizing, and reconciling transactional data. This platform provides a unique resource for controlling, reporting, business intelligence, and accounting.

Simetrik empowers FinOps, Accounting, and FP&A teams with robust no-code and AI technology, automating financial and accounting control in a single platform. It automates all reconciliations from start to finish, eliminating repetitive tasks and enhancing business value.


Finkargo offers alternative financing solutions for import businesses in Colombia and Mexico, facilitating access to capital quickly and securely through a digital process for revolving credit lines. The platform breaks operational and financial barriers to help grow imports. It minimizes risks and maximizes opportunities at every point of the import operation, making international trade smoother for Latin American importers.


Bold empowers small and medium-sized Colombian businesses with accessible and personalized financial services, including card readers that adapt to various commercial needs. This innovation solution helps businesses grow by enabling them to receive payments via card readers and payment links, supporting the most widely used cards and digital wallets in Colombia. With Bold, businesses receive their sales money instantly in their Bold Account.

Datáfonos, pagos en línea y Cuenta Digital | Bold


Leal provides advanced loyalty and marketing tools based on deep customer insights through actionable data, driving business growth and enriching customer-business relationships. This app helps people save on their daily purchases while delivering incremental sales to partner brands. Users earn rewards for their purchases, promoting customer loyalty and engagement.

Leal - La lealtad que premia | Startup Ranking


Yuno enables businesses to manage all payment methods and fraud providers through a single integration, simplifying payment infrastructure while ensuring security and efficiency. The technology gives businesses access to the best payment capabilities worldwide, allowing them to interact confidently with customers and maintain their business. This platform is designed to maximize revenue and approval rates, making it the best choice for high-performing payment teams.


Approbe is a technology platform that democratizes access to credit by offering intuitive and secure tools for individuals, payment gateways, and large corporations to provide consumer loans. It is the first legal, secure, and fast way to approve loans between people. Approbe simplifies the credit approval process, making financial services more accessible to everyone.

Bia Energy

Leading the way in the energy industry, Bia Energy combines smart meter infrastructure data with energy commercialization, allowing users to control their energy consumption and costs through a customer-centric platform. This solution replaces traditional meters with smart meters, providing users with access to a web/app platform to enjoy exclusive benefits and take full control of their energy usage. As an energy retailer, Bia offers users innovative technology for a smarter energy service.

Bia Energy - YouTube


Kravata facilitates access to decentralized finance and Web3 in Latin America by offering a technological infrastructure that enables secure and cost-effective transactions of digital assets, as well as cross-border payments and investment opportunities. Kravata is a tech partner, ensuring businesses operate quickly and compliantly under legal standards. The platform supports the future of digital transactions with agility and security.

Kravata - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Addi aims to facilitate and enable digital commerce in Latin America, allowing users to purchase easily, quickly, and transparently. Users can buy from their favorite brands and pay in up to 24 installments using just their ID and WhatsApp. Addi makes online shopping accessible with flexible payment options, catering to the growing e-commerce market in the region.

Addi, empresa líder de 'compre ahora y pague después'


Focusing on financially excluded microentrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, Plurall is developing an ideal financial services platform that is accessible, instant, user-friendly, and transparent. Plurall offers a secure, quick, and unlimited account, providing an easy and fast way to obtain capital in just eight minutes. The fintech solution, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, understands the challenges of starting a business and provides essential financial support.

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These startups are not only innovating, but also playing a crucial role in the economic and technological development of Colombia. Their focus on advanced technology, sustainability, and financial inclusion sets them apart in a highly competitive market.

The startup landscape in Colombia for 2024 is exceptionally promising, with companies leading the way in innovation and digital transformation. From financial optimization to revolutions in energy and Web3, these startups are well-positioned to lead their respective fields in the coming years.