The Impacta VC Program Will Teach 150 Startups How to Raise Capital

The Impacta VC Program Will Teach 150 Startups How to Raise Capital

After a rigorous selection process that attracted over 500 applications from startups across the region, the IFSP program, an initiative by the Impacta VC venture capital fund, has welcomed 150 ventures from 14 Latin American countries. These selected startups will participate in the third edition of their internationally open capital-raising program, known as IFSP2024.

The Impacta VC Program in the Context of Investment in Latin America

In a context where venture capital investment in Latin America in 2023 decreased by 50% compared to the previous year, as revealed by the Latin America Venture Capital Report 2023 by Cuantico, learning how to raise capital in 2024 becomes crucial, especially for startups in the region.

The Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program 2024 (IFSP2024), which began on April 30 and will last for three months, focuses on equipping selected startups with the necessary skills to understand the venture capital landscape. Through designing their own fundraising strategies, they will be provided with tools to access pre-seed, seed, or Pre-Series A rounds more effectively.

Representation by Country and Verticals

The selection of startups shows strong leadership from companies in Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru. Additionally, the IFSP program received applications from over 25 different sectors, with a strong presence in verticals such as Climatech, Fintech, Healthtech, Edtech, and Foodtech.

25% of the startups admitted to IFSP2024 have a direct alignment with Impacta VC's investment thesis. It is expected that these startups will raise over USD 200 million in total, highlighting the potential impact of the program on the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Women Ambassadors Program

Promoting gender equity in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is a priority for Impacta VC. In this edition, 45% of the applicant startups are led by women, representing a significant step towards equal opportunities in accessing the program.

Six outstanding women from the ecosystem have become ambassadors for women's entrepreneurship. In addition to selecting startups led by women for the program, these ambassadors have special scholarships to support female founders on their entrepreneurial journey.

IFSP 2024 marks the debut of the ClimaTech Ambassadors scholarship program, aimed at startups addressing climate challenges with globally scalable technological solutions.

Masterclasses and Pitch Day

Distinguished personalities from the entrepreneurial ecosystem will conduct masterclasses to inspire participants. Additionally, a Shark Tank-style Pitch Day will be organized with the participation of international guests.

David Alvo, CEO, and founder of Impacta VC, has expressed his excitement in welcoming the selected startups. He hopes that the program will provide them with the connections, knowledge, and capital needed to build impactful and sustainable businesses.

Impacta VC is committed to helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs fund and scale their companies, contributing to their positive impact on the world. The IFSP24 program is one of the key tools to achieve this goal.