Tu Potrero: The Guatemalan Startup Aiming to Digitize Agriculture Sector

Tu Potrero: The Guatemalan Startup Aiming to Digitize Agriculture Sector

An entrepreneurial endeavor has emerged in Guatemala with the aim of modernizing and equipping livestock farmers with technological tools, giving rise to Tu Potrero, a platform that aspires to transform the agricultural sector.

Origins and Objectives of Tu Potrero

In April 2022, Abraham Díaz and Luis Orellana brought Tu Potrero to life, driven by the idea of creating a digital solution for the livestock and agricultural sector in Guatemala. The need for a space that could gather information and services for this traditional industry fueled the inception of this project.

Both entrepreneurs come from families with a deep-rooted tradition in livestock farming, providing them with valuable insights into the challenges and shortcomings of the agricultural sector. With this knowledge, they set out to create a platform that would address limitations in accessing information and services.

Recognition in the Win33 Annual Ranking

Thanks to its significant growth, Tu Potrero secured a prominent position in the annual Win33 ranking, claiming the top spot. This recognition is attributed to the innovative proposal for digitizing the agricultural sector that the platform offers.

The concept of Tu Potrero originated from the administrative tasks that Abraham Díaz carried out on family farms. Initially conceived as an application to facilitate inventory control, income, and expenses, the platform has evolved into a marketplace that allows livestock farmers to publish animals and products for free, fostering connections with potential customers.

Tu Potrero goes beyond the marketing of livestock. The platform has expanded its reach to include agricultural inputs such as herbicides, concentrates, food, and machinery, providing users with a complete range of products related to agriculture.

Business Model and Strategic Alliances

Tu Potrero's business model relies on partnerships with companies in the agricultural sector looking to market their products. Companies seeking visibility can pay for advertising within the platform. However, the primary focus is on the community created, where the diversity of products offers comprehensive solutions to the sector's needs.

With around 60 thousand monthly visits to its website, Tu Potrero has attracted over 9 thousand registered users. Since its inception, more than 3 thousand batches of livestock have been published, and the platform has facilitated transactions totaling approximately US$8 million in the last year. Impressively, 40% of the platform's postings result in successful sales, a notable indicator in the industry.

Future Vision: An Inventory Management Application

Beyond the current marketplace, Tu Potrero looks to the future. A beta application designed to manage inventories in the livestock sector is undergoing testing with a user segment. The expectation is to officially launch the application in 2024, providing livestock farmers with an easy tool for purchase and sale control.

The founders express their ambitions to take Tu Potrero's initiative to other countries. With the vision of integrating all stakeholders in the agricultural industry into one platform, the goal is to become an essential reference for livestock development in Latin America.

Tu Potrero is not just a marketplace but a catalyst for digital transformation in the Guatemalan agricultural sector. With an innovative approach, strategic alliances, and a forward-looking vision, the platform proves to be a key player in boosting the performance and efficiency of livestock farms in Latin America.