Childtech Challenge 2023: These were the winning startups

Childtech Challenge 2023: These were the winning startups

In an effort to address social issues affecting children, youth, parents, and educators in Latin America, the Childtech Challenge 2023 has recognized and rewarded companies that stand out for their innovation and technology in tackling critical challenges. This competition, focusing on childhood and youth in vulnerable areas, concluded with the selection of three notable winners: Crack the Code (Peru), Completamente (Mexico), and Hipocampus (Mexico).

Winning Companies and Their Innovative Solutions

  1. Crack the Code (Peru):

The Peruvian startup, led by María Vélez, emerged victorious in the challenge of "Promoting STEM teaching and prototyping in rural environments in Colombia." Crack the Code offers programming and technology courses for children based on gaming tools and problem-solving. Their educational and technological platform not only trains educators in robotics through a virtual simulator but also stands out for its focus on socio-emotional development.

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  1. Hipocampus (Mexico)

Lourdes Garza and Germán Zubía founded Hipocampus, the winner of the challenge "Strengthening socio-emotional skills in refugee and mobile families in Mexico." The company provides education and care for early childhood in Mexico, adapting to the individual needs of each child. Their approach includes digital support via WhatsApp, using an AI-powered chatbot, and learning communities based on microlearning.


  1. Completamente (Colombia)

The Colombian company Completamente, led by Javier Mansilla, Mónica Ugarte, Victor Hugo Prieto, and Francisco Seguel, received the award in the category "Development of socio-emotional skills in professionals in early childhood centers in Colombia." Completamente's 360 platform utilizes data and artificial intelligence to offer mental health tools, personalized assessment, guidance, and psychological referrals, with a chatbot providing support and psychoeducation.

Challenges Addressed by Childtech

The Childtech Challenge not only rewards innovation but also addresses critical issues in the region. This year, it focused on the emotional strain of educators in Colombia, the STEM learning gap in Colombian students, and the emotional burden of refugee families in Mexico.

The future of childhood and youth in the region is propelled by these initiatives, paving a hopeful path towards a more equitable and just society. With the ongoing commitment of programs like Childtech, it is anticipated that more companies will join the cause and contribute to the well-being of future generations in Latin America.