Intuitivo Transforms Ordinary Refrigerators Into Intelligent Food Vending Machines

Intuitivo Transforms Ordinary Refrigerators Into Intelligent Food Vending Machines

In the fast-paced world of physical retail, where it seemed like everything had already been done, three Argentine entrepreneurs took an innovative turn in 2019 with the birth of Intuitivo. This startup not only challenged the conventions of traditional commerce but also brought the intelligent purchasing experience from e-commerce to the physical realm.

From Simple Refrigerators to Smart Vending Machines

This company stood out by transforming ordinary refrigerators into intelligent vending machines using Artificial Intelligence. Its success was not limited to the borders of Argentina, as it soon expanded to unforeseen scenarios, such as the Tesla factory in Austin, United States.

At the Tesla factory, where approximately 20,000 employees work, Intuitivo installed 30 of its intelligent vending points. These points, called APOP (Autonomous Point Of Purchase), allow employees to quickly and conveniently purchase their daily food and beverages.

The Endeavor Argentina Foundation, dedicated to promoting high-impact ventures, recognized Intuitivo's potential from the start. The startup was included in Endeavor's ScaleUp plan, which supports companies with the potential to become industry leaders.

Intuitivo was created by José Benítez Genes, Nicolás Parziale, and Tomás Manzitti, who noticed the lack of digitalization in physical retail. With the aim of offering a scalable product for the future of retail, they applied artificial intelligence and machine learning in their vending machines.

The "Argentine Amazon Go"

Intuitivo's success earned it the nickname "Argentine Amazon Go" for its ability to automate sales without the need for personnel at checkout counters. Investors see the company not only as an innovator in the vending machine system but also as a gateway to endless possibilities based on artificial intelligence.

This company does not stop at its expansion. In addition to the United States, it has a presence in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, and other countries. Its APOP offers a frictionless shopping experience, allowing customers to scan a QR code, select a payment method, and take the desired products without the need for a checkout counter.

Intuitivo positions itself as a pioneer in transforming physical retail through the use of artificial intelligence. Its vision of creating a unique technological ecosystem and its commitment to innovation make it a leader in its industry. With a focus on global expansion and continuous improvement of its technology, Intuitivo is building the infrastructure for the future of retail.