PLeiQ Wins the Impacta Spotlight Demo Day 2024

PLeiQ Wins the Impacta Spotlight Demo Day 2024

The Chilean startup PLeiQ has achieved a significant milestone in the educational technology sector by being awarded the winner of the Impacta Spotlight Demo Day 2024. This event, organized by the environmental and social fund Impacta VC, brought together six finalists selected from 150 startups across Latin America.

PLeiQ: Innovation in Education

PLeiQ specializes in creating interactive and adaptive learning experiences for preschool and elementary education (K12). By utilizing augmented reality and artificial intelligence, PLeiQ transforms physical books into dynamic educational tools, enhancing the learning process for thousands of children in Latin America.

The Impacta Spotlight Demo Day is an event designed to test the pitching and storytelling skills of startups participating in the Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program 2024. On this occasion, six startups were selected to present their projects to a panel of investors and international experts, as well as the public.

The Event: Impacta Spotlight Demo Day

Out of the 150 startups that began the program, only six managed to stand out and be selected for this event: Creative Food Labs, Unergy, Saeko Escolar, Entiendo, Bukest, and PLeiQ. Each submitted a three-minute video as part of their selection process.

PLeiQ distinguished itself among the finalists with its innovative approach to education. Its presentation, both to the jury and the public, demonstrated the great potential of its technology to revolutionize the educational sector. After intense deliberation and public voting, PLeiQ was recognized as the event's winner.

Prize and Recognition

The first place at the Impacta Spotlight Demo Day came with a Morris Opazo pack valued at USD 16,000, which includes the development of generative artificial intelligence technology, a “Well-Architected Review” (WAR), and technology roadmap advisory services.

Edison Durán Lucena, CEO of PLeiQ, expressed his satisfaction and gratitude for the recognition: “Winning the Impacta Spotlight Demo Day is a great honor and validation for the present and future impact of PLeiQ, which already contributes to the education of over 200,000 children.”
Catalina Taricco Zañartu, CMO & COO of Impacta VC, highlighted the importance of the event in preparing startups to face investors in the real world: “We created this opportunity to give visibility to these six great startups and prepare them for their exposure to the ‘real world’, applying everything we taught them in the first stage of the IFSP.”

PLeiQ's victory at the Impacta Spotlight Demo Day not only validates its innovative educational approach but also reinforces the potential of Latin American startups to generate a positive impact through technology. With this win, PLeiQ is one step closer to transforming the publishing industry and improving the quality of education in the region.