Startup Avenue 2024: A Meeting with Innovation in Antigua Guatemala

Startup Avenue 2024: A Meeting with Innovation in Antigua Guatemala

From August 31 to September 2, 2024, Antigua Guatemala will become the heart of Latin American entrepreneurship thanks to Startup Avenue 2024. This event, part of the renowned Volcano Innovation Summit, offers a unique platform for startups to present their innovative ideas and secure significant investments. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to connect with key investors and mentors in the industry, thereby boosting the development of their projects.

A Stage for Innovation

Startup Avenue 2024 will provide an exceptional stage for entrepreneurs from across Latin America to showcase their projects and compete for funding of up to USD $150,000. This is an invaluable opportunity to secure resources and create strategic connections that can be crucial for the growth of their businesses.

Victor Echeverría, co-founder of Osmo Wallet and winner of the 2023 edition, highlighted how the Volcano Summit was instrumental in his success, helping him close a $1.25 million funding round. Echeverría emphasized the energy and valuable connections the event offers to participants.

Competition Categories

The Startup Avenue 2024 competition will bring together 50 selected startups from various sectors such as technology, sustainability, health, and e-commerce. Startups will compete in three categories:

  1. Business Idea: For projects with an MVP and less than $1,000 in revenue.
  2. Seed & Early Stage: For businesses with products already on the market and between $1,000 and $50,000 in revenue.
  3. Growth & Scalability: For companies with previous investment and more than $50,000 in revenue.

Additionally, participants will have access to over 90 conferences led by renowned experts, offering a comprehensive view of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Potenciando la Innovación en América Latina: Startup Avenue 2024 – IBO

Participation and Benefits

Entrepreneurs interested in participating have until July 15 to register. Beyond the opportunity to win up to USD $150,000 in investment, participants will be able to establish valuable connections with investors and industry leaders.

The event will also feature networking and coffee sessions, creating an ideal environment to discuss potential collaborations. The competition will conclude with a closing ceremony full of insights and acknowledgments, highlighting the importance of this event for the development of entrepreneurship in the region.

Startup Avenue 2024, within the framework of the Volcano Innovation Summit, is positioned as an essential event for the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Latin America. It not only provides capital but also strategic connections and invaluable knowledge, positioning itself as a crucial step for the next generation of business leaders. Entrepreneurs from across the region will have the opportunity to present their ideas, learn from experts, and establish relationships that could be decisive for the success of their startups.