Volcano Innovation Summit 2023: Innovation and Empowering Transformation

Volcano Innovation Summit 2023: Innovation and Empowering Transformation

In the constant search to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the Latin American region, the Volcano Innovation Summit is one of the most anticipated and promising events. From September 30 to October 2, Antigua Guatemala witnessed this exciting meeting that brought together more than 2,000 attendees and 150 speakers from nearly 30 countries.

The Volcano Innovation Summit: Illuminating the Path of Innovation

In an era in which innovation and technology have become fundamental pillars for progress, the Volcano Innovation Summit is positioned as a beacon of light for those seeking to promote disruptive projects with a focus on the well-being of communities. This fourth edition brought together internationally renowned professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs, creating a breeding ground for the creation of valuable connections.

Featured speakers at the event included Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D., considered one of the world's most influential CIOs, who emphasized the importance of enabling people to innovate safely. Alyse Nelson, President and CEO of Voces Vitales Global, shared her inspiration for the opportunities she offers working on challenging projects. Daniel Marcos, Co-Founder of Growth Institute, highlighted how a simple conversation can shape the future of companies.

Ved Krishna, with his vision of creating materials inspired by nature, Patric Timmermans, product marketing owner Dynamics Marketing at Microsoft, and Susana GarcĂ­a Robles, Executive Advisor at LAVCA and Venture Partner at Capria, also contributed their perspectives and experiences in the world of innovation.

OsmoWallet's Triumph: Global Impact from Latin America

The Volcano Summit was not only an event of inspiring lectures, but also provided concrete opportunities to participants. Some entrepreneurs managed to obtain financing for their innovative projects, thus fulfilling one of the main objectives of the event: to promote transformation through inspiration and collaboration, as stated by Janma Bardi, founder of the Volcano Summit.

A highlight of the event was the Startup Avenue competition, which attracted ambitious and disruptive entrepreneurs from across Latin America. This initiative has contributed significantly to the growth of the Guatemalan economy in recent years. The 9 winners of this competition were selected in three different categories, from business ideas to growing and scalable companies. Among them, projects such as Mawi Managers, Zumma, Tu Potrero, Avify, Creative Food Labs, Life SI, GlobalWork and Terrand stand out.

However, the greatest recognition went to OsmoWallet, which not only obtained third place in its category, but also secured an investment of USD $200 thousand from the VC Side Door Ventures of the United States. OsmoWallet is a mobile payment service that facilitates money transfers globally in emerging economies.

Empowering Transformation

In addition to its commitment to innovation, the Volcano Summit also cares about the long-term development of the region. In the fourth edition, the philanthropic initiative Volcano4Good was announced, which established alliances with Funsepa and Nutri Listo to work on education and combat chronic malnutrition in Guatemala. This collaboration demonstrates the event's commitment to creating projects that benefit the communities most in need.

The Volcano Innovation Summit 2023 was a true showcase of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Latin American region. From the inspiring words of the speakers to the Startup Avenue competition and the Volcano4Good philanthropic initiative, the event left a lasting mark on the entrepreneurial community. As a beacon of creativity and collaboration, the Volcano Summit remains an essential event for those seeking to transform lives and communities through innovation.

For more information about the event, visit volcanosummit.com.