WeKall expands in Mexico with the acquisition of Sirenna.Ai

WeKall expands in Mexico with the acquisition of Sirenna.Ai

In a bid to expand its operations in Mexico, Colombian startup WeKall has successfully completed the acquisition of Mexican firm Sirenna AI. This strategic move positions WeKall to compete in the Mexican telecommunications market, focusing particularly on cities such as Mexico City and Monterrey.

Strengthening Communications with Sirenna AI Technology

The integration of Sirenna AI's technology is a significant boost for WeKall in the field of communications. This tool will allow companies to optimize the work of their advisors and address audit-related issues, especially prevalent in sectors like finance and healthcare.

"Mexico is a market with enormous potential for Colombian startups. That's why we are thrilled to finalize this acquisition. With the support of this Mexican company, we are confident that we will achieve double-digit growth and transform the communications of hundreds of companies in this country," expressed Felipe Sánchez, CEO of WeKall.
Felipe Sánchez (@felipesanchezof) / X
Felipe Sánchez, CEO of WeKall.

Key Experience Driving Growth in Mexico

Gabriela Morales, founder of Sirenna AI and now Country Manager of WeKall in Mexico, highlights the acquired firm's experience as a growth catalyst for the Colombian startup. This consolidation represents an opportunity to elevate the brand to new heights in both the country and the region.

"Today, we solidify as one team, combining efforts to take the brand to another level," stated Morales.

With the acquisition of Sirenna AI, Mexico becomes the third country WeKall ventures into, following Colombia and Chile. This move not only cements the company's regional presence but also signifies confidence in the growth potential of the Mexican market.

WeKall: Leading Cloud-based IP Telephony in Latin America

WeKall stands out as a leading provider of cloud-based IP telephony in Latin America, offering AI-powered voice and messaging software designed for sales, customer service, administration, and collections teams.

How WeKall Transforms Conversations

Quick Activation, Powerful Results:
Seamless communication and scalability from anywhere, ready to use in minutes without IT team assistance.

Reports Driving Decisions:
Transformation of data into strategy, real-time metric monitoring to overcome business challenges.

Instant Integration:
Maximization of efficiency by integrating WeKall with favorite apps, enriching customer conversations.

Seamless Collaboration:
Team synchronization and effective collaboration from the office, home, or on the move.

AI for Everyone:
Utilization of AI for business decision-making, with WeKall's support in creating unique experiences.

Sirenna AI: Enhancing Visibility Through Conversation Monitoring

Sirenna AI provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring customer conversations, offering complete visibility into interactions, including calls, video calls, and recordings. This enables businesses to analyze and automate key information to enhance team efficiency.

All tools used by the team to interact with customers are now recorded, including calls and video calls.

In just 10 seconds, a summary of key points from a call can be obtained, facilitating the analysis of crucial information.

Automatic summarization of key conversation points, seamlessly integrating into the team's preferred tools.

The acquisition of Sirenna AI not only marks a strategic move for WeKall in Mexico but also underscores the company's commitment to providing innovative solutions tailored to the evolving needs of business communications in the region.