Wise CX: The Startup Decoding Your Customers' Emotions in Real-Time

Wise CX: The Startup Decoding Your Customers' Emotions in Real-Time

Understanding customer needs and emotions, in an increasingly digital world, has become crucial for businesses. Can a robot understand what I'm looking for or desiring? How much would a company give to interpret if their customer is just passing by or genuinely interested in their product? These are questions that have propelled companies like Wise CX, a Cordoban startup that is revolutionizing the way customers are understood and served.

The Chatbot Revolution

Historically, chatbots have been seen as ineffective tools for customer service. However, this perception is rapidly changing. With technological advances developed entirely in Latin America, it is now possible to analyze and understand what people are looking for and saying about companies in real time. This technology not only seeks to position itself in Brazil but also to consolidate its presence in Spain, all from the heart of the interior.

One of Wise CX's most notable moves was the acquisition of the entire share capital of Keepcon, a startup specialized in interpreting customer conversations with companies using artificial intelligence and a semantic secret. This merger will not only transform the customer experience but also position this business as a leader in real-time sentiment analysis.

Keepcon developed a unique technology that allows for precise understanding of written language. This semantic interpretation capability is crucial for moderating comments in forums and chats, distinguishing between legitimate complaints and simple expressions of dissatisfaction. This technology not only allows for the organization and centralization of customer communication but also provides valuable insights into their emotions and needs.

Expansion and Consolidation

With the acquisition of Keepcon, Wise CX expands its reach not only in Latin America but also in Europe. Now, the company has a tool that not only analyzes which customers make a purchase, but also how they feel when doing so. This deep understanding of customer emotions is key to boosting brand loyalty and positioning in the market.

Founded by David Cabrera and Pablo Cavallo in Las Varillas, Córdoba, this company has experienced exponential growth in recent years. With around 900 clients in Argentina, Brazil, Spain, and other Latin American countries, the company has established itself as a leader in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Its focus on self-financing and continuous improvement of customer service has been key to its success.

Wise CX is setting the pace in real-time customer emotion interpretation. With locally developed technology and a customer-centric vision, the company is transforming the way businesses understand and serve their customers, positioning them for success in an increasingly digital world.