Wise Innovation Studios: a startup dedicated to metamarketing

Wise Innovation Studios: a startup dedicated to metamarketing

In the Latin American technological landscape, a startup has stood out as a regional leader in the metaverse and artificial intelligence. WISE Innovation Studios, the first metamarketing studio in Latin America, has made its mark with disruptive digital developments that have materialized projects in various parts of the world, spanning from Chile and Mexico to Dubai and the United States, across a wide range of industries.

Understanding Metamarketing

Metamarketing is defined as a virtual market centered on the customer, offering closely related products or services belonging to the same industry or a diverse set of industries. This approach aims to meet the similar needs of diversified customers under one roof. Essentially, it is a platform that develops and maintains exchange relationships between all buyers and sellers of complementary products.

Changing the Perspective in Advertising and Marketing

With technological advances transforming multiple aspects of modern life, advertising and marketing have not been left behind. In this context, WISE Innovation Studios stands out globally with its digital developments, setting trends through its focus on metamarketing. This concept translates into moving from simply showcasing products and their attributes to inviting users to experience immersive scenarios as close to reality as possible.

Web 3.0, encompassing tools like metaverses, meta branding, and augmented reality, is central to WISE's strategies. Igal Weitzman, CEO and Founder of WISE, emphasizes the importance of using technology to create innovative experiences that connect people with brands. In a world where flat communication has become obsolete, innovation is key to allowing people to explore, investigate, and feel a connection.

Augmented Reality: The Key to Success

One of WISE's fundamental premises is leveraging the advantages of augmented reality. They have implemented engaging activations, such as augmented reality portals for social media, where people can teleport to other places with just one click. This approach has led to successful initiatives with hotel chains, real estate, and massive events, democratizing access to these innovative experiences.

WISE has brought augmented reality to virtual stores and fitting rooms, allowing people to try products from the comfort of their homes before making a purchase. Gamification also plays a crucial role, inviting people to interact with brands and offering tangible rewards, generating loyal customers. The emphasis on most of these actions being through mobile phones demonstrates WISE's commitment to inclusion.

Despite recognizing that Chile is progressing more slowly compared to other countries in the region, WISE projects exponential growth in metamarketing and artificial intelligence solutions by 2024. Citing influential economic entities such as JP Morgan, they anticipate a continuous growth of the economic power of the metaverse, forecasting a market opportunity of 1 trillion dollars annually and advertising investment exceeding 18 billion dollars by 2027.

Gamification: The New Frontier of Digital Entertainment

AR GAMES emerges as the new frontier in digital entertainment ecosystems. WISE Innovation Studios uses creative marketing and communication strategies to encourage participation, achieving loyalty and engagement with brands through social media, promoting innovation in an attractive brand experience.

Travel Portals: Transforming the Buying Experience with Augmented Reality

With augmented reality, WISE places customers inside virtual stores, allowing them to see the latest models, sales, events, and more. This not only enhances the buying experience but also provides product information and post-sale services through guided maintenance and augmented reality manuals.

Mobile Applications: Custom Platforms for Full Brand Experiences

WISE is not limited to physical experiences but also excels in creating and developing custom mobile platforms for a complete and premium brand experience. Augmented reality becomes the bridge between the advantages of online shopping and the in-store experience, offering an engaging and comprehensive brand experience.

Benefits of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality provides customers with the best of both worlds: the convenience of online shopping and the experience of being in the store. It combines choice, convenience, online ratings and reviews with the benefits of being physically in the store, such as exploring the product, enhancing usage, being entertained, interacting on social networks, virtually trying things, gamification, and increasing brand awareness through innovation.

WISE Innovation Studios stands as a regional benchmark in the metaverse and artificial intelligence, transforming how brands relate to consumers and offering unique immersive experiences. Their focus on augmented reality, gamification, and the development of custom mobile applications promises sustained growth, consolidating their position as a leader in the metamarketing revolution in Latin America.