ZeroQ: the startup that arrives to digitize wait management in establishments

ZeroQ: the startup that arrives to digitize wait management in establishments

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, speed and efficiency are crucial elements for any company's success. Within the realm of sales, customer service emerges as a pivotal factor directly influencing customer satisfaction and loyalty. According to research by Salesforce, 80% of customers consider their buying experience as important as the product or service itself.

The Challenge of Queues and ZeroQ's Solution

Promptness in service plays a vital role in this experience, with long wait times being a significant pain point in the business sector, leading to the downfall of some services. It is within this context that ZeroQ introduces its innovative solution to the Peruvian market.

Backed by a successful stock market debut and a capital raise of US$3 million, the company aims to solidify its operations in Peru and explore new markets with promising growth prospects. Leveraging artificial intelligence and continuous updates, ZeroQ has developed software that enhances the end-user experience.

Digitization and Optimization of Customer Service

This business platform aims to eliminate queues and streamline manual queue management through digitization. By allowing customers to obtain virtual service tickets and schedule appointments, it provides customers with full control over their visits to establishments. Additionally, it optimizes service flows by enabling video calls for remote assistance, breaking geographical barriers and offering a personalized and efficient experience from the comfort of home.

By incorporating this technology, it is estimated that over 50% of companies in Peru will regulate their service flows, as the software adapts to the specific needs of each business. The existing demand from customers in Peru, coupled with the similarity in internal processes of companies and the conception of public service, makes this market attractive for offering digitalization and automation services for service channels.

ZeroQ's Vision and Presence

With a presence in Chile, Colombia, and now Peru, ZeroQ relies on AI-based tools to understand people, companies, and their needs, advancing in new service models and creating innovative solutions for the future that truly meet the needs of today's customers.

"We recognize Peru's strategic position in the region and the continuous growth of this market. That's why we aim to establish our presence, as we want to be part of driving innovation and contributing to the country's business development," says Xania Pantoja De Prada, Commercial Manager and Co-founder at ZeroQ.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience: Results and Recognitions

ZeroQ prides itself on its commitment to excellence in customer service, both in-person and remotely. The company has been internationally recognized for enhancing the consumer experience. Some of its achievements and standout figures include:

  • Managing over 1000 service points.
  • Issuing over 87 million tickets.
  • Satisfying over 200 clients.
  • Achieving a 300% reduction in wait times.
  • Issuing over 2.5 million virtual tickets per month.
  • Registering over 300,000 users.
  • An impressive 98% customer satisfaction rate in post-sales and helpdesk.
Zero Q

ZeroQ's Story: From Personal Experience to Business Innovation

The inspiration for ZeroQ arose from a personal experience. In 2014, Sergio, one of the current partners of the company, needed to pay a traffic fine. However, faced with a long queue at the branch, he calculated mentally how long he would have to wait. Upon his return, his turn had passed, and he was forced to wait again.

This experience led Ernesto Erdmann, along with Xania, to seek solutions to address the problem of queues in establishments. Failing to find a suitable solution in the market, they decided to create their own company, focusing on digitizing and optimizing customer service.

This innovates business positions itself as a leading company in transforming customer experience, offering innovative solutions that improve efficiency and satisfaction for both businesses and consumers. With a clear vision and a focus on excellence, ZeroQ is poised to change the way we interact with services in the modern world.