IFSP 2024: Learn how to raise capital with the Impacta VC program

IFSP 2024: Learn how to raise capital with the Impacta VC program

The call for applications for Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program 2024,created by Impacta VC, is open for the third edition of one of the most prominent programs to learn capital raising, is now open. This program aimed at startups based in Latin America, and it offers a proven and successful approach, with a robust educational framework, 70% success rates, and the opportunity to connect with experienced international speakers and a community of outstanding entrepreneurs.

The Success of IFSP: A Proven Track Record

IFSP, designed by successful founders and serial entrepreneurs, has demonstrated its effectiveness in its two previous editions. With over 190 startups accepted from over 700 applications from 20 Latin American countries, the results are impressive. Highlights include 70% of participants in the first edition reporting having raised capital after the program, as well as the impressive 96.4% Net Promoter Score (NPS) from the previous generation.

The primary goal of IFSP is to share the collective knowledge acquired by successful entrepreneurs and pass it on to the new generations. Through experience and learning, the program aims to empower entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and business purposes.

Benefits of the Program

The program offers several key benefits for participating startups:

  • Knowledge: Access to a set of fundamental tools and knowledge for success in the world of venture capital.
  • Network: The opportunity to connect with a global community of entrepreneurs, investors, and experts in the field.
  • Community: Being part of an exclusive network of startups and like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • Growth: Advice and guidance to scale your startup to higher levels.
  • Visibility: Increased exposure and recognition in the investment ecosystem.
  • Recognition: Being recognized as part of a prestigious and successful program.

The program will be conducted online, with live classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00 HR UTC -4 (Chile time). The program duration is 3 months, with a monthly fee of $199 USD for selected startups.

To apply, the following requirements are necessary:

  • Intention to raise a funding round between $300K USD and $5M USD during the program.
  • Not having committed more than 50% of the round.
  • Having a minimum of 6 months of funding from the start of the program.
  • Proficiency in English, as some classes will be conducted in this language.
  • Compliance with the rules established by the program.

Impacta Fundraising Advisory Sessions (IFAS)

As part of #IFSP24, personalized advisory sessions called Impacta Fundraising Advisory Sessions (IFAS) are offered. These sessions, limited to a few selected startups, involve active participation from the Impacta VC team in the fundraising process of startups for 13 weeks. Benefits include increasing the chances of fundraising success, access to a private Slack channel, and a database of co-investors, among others.

#IFSP24 represents a unique opportunity for Latin American startups seeking financing and guidance to take their projects to the next level. With a proven approach, a global network of experts, and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, this program offers the tools and connections necessary for success in the competitive world of venture capital.

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