LATAM Angel Pitch Fest 2024: A Key Gathering for Entrepreneurs and Investors

LATAM Angel Pitch Fest 2024: A Key Gathering for Entrepreneurs and Investors

The LATAM Angel Pitch Fest 2024 is set to be an unmissable event for those looking to boost their startups. This gathering aims to connect the most influential Business Angel networks in Latin America with entrepreneurs and investors, offering a unique platform for early-stage financing and mentorship.

The Role of Business Angel Networks in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Business Angel networks play a critical role in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. They provide not only capital but also valuable expertise, networking opportunities, and strategic guidance. Renowned investors such as Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, Chris Sacca, and Ron Conway have been instrumental in the early stages of now-iconic companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, and Google.

The LATAM Angel Pitch Fest 2024 represents an invaluable opportunity for Latin American entrepreneurs to connect with these investment networks, learn from their experiences, and explore new funding avenues for their startups.

Details of the LATAM Angel Pitch Fest 2024

This event will feature seven prominent Business Angel networks, each presenting their investment criteria, areas of interest, and the added value they can offer to startups and investors.

Date: Thursday, July 18
Time: 3:00 pm (Central America and Mexico Time)

The participating networks include:


The Central America Angel Fund Initiative, founded in 2023, is the regional Business Angel network of Central America. With over 100 members, it focuses on ecosystem building and sectors of high impact aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals. Its portfolio includes startups such as, Doctor7, WeBookYou, and EdTools.


Arkangeles allows investors across Latin America to support startups with investments starting at $MXN 3000 (approximately $USD200). This platform is authorized and regulated by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) of Mexico, ensuring a secure and supervised environment for investors.

Austral Angels

Based in southern Chile, Austral Angels focuses on sustainable startups with a technological and scientific base. Their areas of interest include Biotech, Foodtech, Climate Change, Tourism, Forestry, Agtech, Renewable Energies, and Aquaculture. The network has over 60 active members.


Enlaces is the angel investment network of the Caribbean, based in the Dominican Republic. Its portfolio includes startups like Nippy, Arcus, and YoFio. With more than 50 members, they have invested over USD$2.2 million in 16 startups.


The Guadalajara Angel Investment Network invests in early-stage tech companies throughout Latin America. They support visionary and innovative entrepreneurs from their initial phases. Their portfolio includes Kueski, Bill Pocket, and Flexclub.

Venture Club LATAM

Venture Club LATAM is the angel investors' network of Panama, with chapters in Mexico and Colombia. They focus on Latin American startups and scale-ups with the potential to change the world.

Angel Hub

Angel Hub is the most active angel investors' club in Mexico, operating since 2019. Their mission is to prepare entrepreneurs to become professional angel investors, offering high-potential startup investment opportunities in Mexico and LatAm. Their portfolio includes Kolonus, Ruedata, and Nowports.

Event Program

  1. Welcome and Opening: Introductory remarks and an overview of the event.
  2. Presentations by Business Angel Networks: Each network will have 5 minutes to present their investment focus and value proposition.
  3. Networking and Coffee: A space to establish connections and discuss potential collaborations.
  4. Event Closing: Summary of conclusions and final acknowledgments.

How to Participate?

The first Reverse Pitch 2024 of Latin American Business Angel Networks will take place online on July 18. To secure your spot in the virtual room, you must register through the provided link.

Don't miss the LATAM Angel Pitch Fest 2024, an event poised to revolutionize the entrepreneurial landscape in Latin America. We look forward to seeing you there!