Discover the Dazzling ‘Luces Campero’ Event in Guatemala and El Salvador

Discover the Dazzling ‘Luces Campero’ Event in Guatemala and El Salvador

The holiday season in Central America shines bright with the spectacular Luces Campero Show, an event that has become a cherished tradition for thousands in Guatemala and El Salvador for over 30 years. This year, Pollo Campero, the iconic fried chicken restaurant chain and a part of CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, has presented an even more magical event, filled with innovations. 

Featuring fireworks shows and pyro drones, these celebrations not only mark the beginning of the festive season but also reflect the brand's commitment the countries where it operates

The Magic of ‘Luces Campero’ event: A Visual Spectacle

The Campero Lights Show, known as "La Noche de Los Deseos'', The Night of Wishes, is an event that portrays the beauty of a light show and entertainment for the families. In Guatemala, the event took place on December 10th at Campo Marte, while in El Salvador, the Parque Deportivo El Cafetalón in Santa Tecla hosted the event on December 3rd, followed by another show in San Miguel on December 9th.

Innovation and Tradition: The Heart of the Events

This year, the Campero Lights events in both countries stood out for their innovation. The pyro drones, equipped with remotely activated fireworks systems, provided a spectacle unlike any seen before in the region. These drones create varied and spectacular visual effects, painting the sky with a burst of colors. Additionally, the inclusion of local artists like Gangster and Tijuana Love in Guatemala, and Luzma Andrade and Grupo Farra in El Salvador, adds a touch of tradition and local flavor to these celebrations.

An Ongoing Commitment to Communities

As part of the ‘Luces Campero’ event, the #CamperoFlavor is shared during this season of solidarity and joy. Leading up to the show, the brand distributed thousands of meals and food kits in various communities and non profit organizations across Guatemala and El Salvador.

CMI, Corporación Multi Inversiones, has been known for its customer-focused approach and high-quality products and services since 1920, starting with a small store in San Cristóbal Totonicapán, Totonicapán, in western Guatemala. This journey, led by the third generation with Chairmen Juan Luis Bosch Gutiérrez and Juan José Gutiérrez Mayorga at the helm of CMI Capital and CMI Foods, respectively, has seen the creation of a responsible and sustainable corporation for the future.

To this day, the corporation, through brands like Pollo Campero continues its closeness to customers and clients, who trust CMI’s products to be part of their daily meals. These actions reflect the essence of the brand: sharing special moments and bringing hope and joy to homes during the holiday season.