Fighting Food Waste: Kigui's Mission and Its Collaboration with Nestle Mexico

Fighting Food Waste: Kigui's Mission and Its Collaboration with Nestle Mexico

Startup Kigüi has taken a significant step in combating food waste by joining forces with Nestlé Mexico in a strategic agreement. This partnership aims to promote the purchase of immediate consumption products as part of a joint effort to address this increasingly pressing challenge.

The Agreement between Kigüi and Nestlé Mexico

Nestlé Mexico has taken the initiative to establish this agreement through its pilot program, which is designed to encourage the sale of products with approaching expiration dates but still suitable for consumption. This pilot is part of Nestlé's broader efforts to innovate in the food industry, leveraging its innovation ecosystem known as "All in."

Kigüi has demonstrated its effectiveness in reducing food waste. In 2023, this startup managed to rescue approximately 250,000 products nearing their expiration date, resulting in a significant decrease of approximately 444.75 tons of CO2 emissions. This achievement underscores the importance of innovative solutions like those offered by Kigüi in the fight against food waste.

Food waste is a global problem that requires urgent attention. According to the WWF, 17% of the food available to consumers ends up being discarded, significantly contributing to environmental pollution. This reality highlights the need to adopt effective measures to address this challenge.

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The Role of the Food Industry in Sustainability

The food industry plays a crucial role in seeking sustainable solutions. Companies like Nestlé Mexico are committed to finding innovative ways to reduce food waste and minimize their environmental impact. This collaboration with Kigüi is a concrete example of how companies can join forces to address complex challenges such as food waste.

Kigüi offers a range of benefits for society, brands, and consumers alike. It helps to prevent the waste of food products that are still in good condition and safe for consumption, contributing to societal efforts. Additionally, it aids in reducing or eliminating returns at retail outlets, benefiting brands. For consumers, it represents an opportunity to save on their daily purchases while contributing to the reduction of food waste.

The partnership between Kigüi and Nestlé Mexico is a significant step in the fight against food waste. This collaboration demonstrates the power of innovation and collaboration in seeking sustainable solutions to global challenges. With initiatives like these, there is hope that we can move towards a future where food waste is a concern of the past.