Inclusive Jobs: A Job Platform For People With Disabilities

Inclusive Jobs: A Job Platform For People With Disabilities

With a mission to foster inclusivity and democratize access to employment opportunities in Chile, local startup BSponsor has developed a groundbreaking job portal named "Inclusive Jobs". This platform is tailored exclusively for individuals with disabilities, aiming to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity while aligning with the country's labor inclusion laws.

Addressing Labor Inclusion Challenges

Jose Luis Tapia, the CEO of BSponsor, acknowledges the hurdles faced by many companies in meeting labor inclusion requirements. He emphasizes that "Inclusive Jobs" provides a practical solution by streamlining the recruitment process for both companies and disabled candidates. Under the Law of Labor Inclusion (No. 21.015), public agencies and private companies with 100 or more employees are mandated to ensure at least 1% of their workforce comprises individuals with disabilities. Through this initiative, BSponsor aims to facilitate seamless connections between employers and potential employees to promote inclusivity in the workforce.

Companies committed to creating inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities can utilize the platform to advertise exclusive job vacancies tailored to this demographic. This ensures an environment conducive to professional development for all employees. Likewise, individuals with disabilities can register on the BSponsor website to receive job offers that match their needs and skills.

The platform's launch, scheduled for March, will witness the participation of several prominent Chilean companies. These companies will progressively post job openings between March and April, encompassing executive, administrative, and operational roles. Therefore, interested parties are encouraged to register promptly to receive priority access to these employment opportunities.

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Jose Luis Tapia, the CEO of BSponsor

Adapting to Regulatory Changes

BSponsor emphasizes the importance of organizations creating inclusive work environments tailored to various disabilities to sustain this initiative. Notably, the labor landscape in Chile underwent significant transformation in November 2022 with the enactment of Law No. 21.275. This law mandates companies with 100 or more employees to appoint a Labor Inclusion Manager. This role involves overseeing the inclusion processes for disabled individuals within the organization, adhering to a rights-based approach and current regulations.

These managers play a pivotal role in formulating and implementing inclusive policies, which must be annually reported to the Labor Directorate. Organizations are responsible for certifying these managers to ensure compliance with labor inclusion regulations.

"Inclusive Jobs" represents a crucial step towards fostering inclusivity and equal opportunities in the Chilean workforce. By leveraging technology and adhering to legal mandates, BSponsor's innovative platform is poised to make a meaningful impact in bridging the employment gap for individuals with disabilities. As companies embrace inclusive practices and regulatory requirements, the labor landscape in Chile is set to become more diverse and equitable